Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Close to 7!

In less than 2 month you will be SEVEN....YIKES!  And a  month you will be a 
first grader....DOUBLE YIKES! This summer has just flown by! You have been super-duper busy with your gymnastic team workouts, swim lessons, camping, and doing all kinds of fun stuff with Nana!  

Love this sweet smile!

 And your back pack for 1st grade came!!! You did a great job picking it out!!!!
 My little whip cream faced monster!
 You got a poster board and decided to make your own rules for OUR house! It was so cute and hilarious at the same tiem!  My favorite rule is #9: Mommy and Daddy NO kissing in front  of us!  You and Kinley both go nuts when you see me and daddy kiss, it just cracks us up!
 You are my little painter!  I love to see what you come up with....especially the girls with their flipped out bob hair styles!
You wrote daddy the sweetest Father's day card!  My favorite line is....... You are taltid....aka talented.  I am  not sure where you came up with the but it's just PRECIOUS!  And I love that you still spell WITH like WETH!
 We got your kindergartner graduation pictures in and they are just too precious!  I know in a blink of an eye you will be graduation high school and gone off to college and it hurts my heart so bad to even think about that!  I wish I could keep you little and at home with me FOREVER!
 Nana gave you an old pair of her boots and dear lord you are in love with them! You wear them ALL the time and beg to wear them to school and church!  I caught you vacuuming in them last week and it just cracked me up!
 We spent the 4th of July camping and you had a blast bossing, playing with sister and Cooper!
 LOVE this picture of these three!  Not a care in the world, just loving life and all that God has made for them!

 And no boat ride is complete without a big ole bag of gummy worms!
 My little diva driving the boat!

You learned your back handspring last year and then for some reason stopped doing them.  But you finally got them back last week!  

You are so brave this year!  You love to swim and jump off the high dive at HSU!