Monday, August 18, 2014

The child who is sooo impatiently waiting to be FOUR!

Oh sweet Kinley Beth you are about to drive me NUTS wanting to be FOUR years old. I have no idea why you are ready to be four or what you find so magical about the number four.....but you are ready FOUR it,lol! You are just a ball of spunk! Your cute smile and squinty eyes get you away with murder....especially when it comes to your daddy!  You are so funny and quick witted, it tickles me and amazes me how fast on your feet your little brain is! This last month you finally got to feel the baby kick and it amazed you! Almost every night now you come and lay on my belly and you just wait to get kicked! Seeing your eyes light up when you feel it makes my heart just burst open!
 Trying to be funny and not look at the camera!

 You little camera ham!

 My baby girl just looks half grown!

 Be still my heart!


 My love bugs!

 You have had a blast at Magic Springs this summer! You have tried so many rides....which has led to many tears! It tickles me to see you think you are so big but still get the mess scared out of you!

 Two weeks ago, I had just got to the gym and got a text from Daddy saying he thought you got stung by a bumble bee. By the time I got home your forehead, eyes, and checks were so swollen. The next morning your eyes were totally swollen shut.  It took three days for all the swelling to go down and you to look normal again. It was just heart breaking to see you look so pitiful!
 It's offically been 6 weeks since you got your ears piereced so it was time to take them out and put in some new ones!!! You were so excited it was funny to watch! Out with the old.........
 And in with the new hearts you picked out in Gulf Shores all those weeks ago!!!
 Against my better judgement I let you run the Dam Night Run........
 You did great for about 3/4 of a mile and then you wanted to be done!
At the One mile marker you asked me to carry you. I carried you off an on a few times till mile two. Then mile TWO you fell apart and I had to give you piggy back ride till mile three!  It was quite the workout for this  prego momma!
I love you my little three year old.....soon to be FOUR year old!

It's been nice knowing ya SIX!

Oh Micah Claire, this is it! You official last month as a SIX year old! In just a few short days will you be my seven year old baby girl! Its just a lot to swallow that you are almost seven. How is in the world did seven years just fly bye! This last year you have blossomed in so many ways, it's just incredible! 

 Good by SIX!

 You are just precious! You drive me NUTS most days.....but truth is it's because you are just like me!  You are my first true love! You make me proud in ways you will never know baby girl!
And finally the day you have waited many,many months for..... 
Seeing Bridgit Mendler in concert at Magic Springs!  

 The log ride!!!
 you loved it and loved getting totally soaked!

 The mini roller loved it but would NOT step foot on Big Bad John this visit!

 The crew waiting for the concert to start!!!
Great night with great friends!
Then it was time for the Dam Night run!!! You begged us to let ya run and we finally gave in and decided to let ya and Kinley do it!

 Chip timers on!
 Dam Night Running family!
 You LOVED riding the lumber truck up to the start of the race!
 You did fantastic! I was really worried you didn't have 3 miles in ya...espically in this Arkansas heat.......but you ran all three miles and...............

You placed 5th for your age group!!! I don't know who was more, you...or daddy!  You did an amazing job MC!

 And back to Magic Springs for another fun day!
 Daddy and his crazy girls!

 My family splashing down!

 You were finally tall enough to ride the bummer cars and you LOVED them!!!!

 And this trip you were finally brave enough to ride big bad john with daddy!!!!
 I was so nervous you would be scard but you did FANTASTIC! You rode it over and over again!!!
You were even tall enough to drive the antique cars!

 Oh and it's that time of year again.....back to school!  And you love to go supply shopping!
 And of course you picked out folders that glittered! You are my girly girl!
 I took off last week and we scooped up Sadie and headed back to magic springs for some more fun!!

 This time you talked Sadie into riding big bad john with ya!!!
 Yall look like such big girls!!!
 I LOVE this picture! yall are in the middle....all you can see is yall leaning into one another giggling! Yall rode it three times in a row!
 Even Nana joined us on this trip!
You silly girls have begged and begged to do a we I gave in. Daddy is TOTALLY against it! We headed to Little Rock and picked out some fabulous dresses and had a super lunch outside!  You girls are my life and my loves!
Last week I got off work early and scooped up the girls and Cooper and we did some furniture shopping and ice cream eating!!!  Copper smile.........and I get this! LOL!
 Love these knuckl heads.....
even if I take ELEVEN dang pictures and cant get all three of them to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

And two weeks ago I got this video text to me and I screamed out loud when I saw it!!! You got your round off back-handspring!!! It's just amazing how hard you have worked and all the skills you have just picked up this summer!  Love you Micah Claire!