Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clark County Pageant, Parade, and Fair!

 Micah Claire you have waited all summer for this is pageant and the time finally came! I was really worried you would change you mind at the last minute and not want to do it; but you didn't! You were so brave and came more out of your shell than I ever imagined you would!
 We started the week off with a group picture for the local newspaper.

 Photo bombed yet again by little sister!  And Kin looks so proud of herself because it just tickled her daddy to see her do it!

 Then we had rehearsal....then the big day was here! Ms Taylor came over and did your hair and make up.  You never stopped smiling from ear-to-ear; you were beyond ecstatic to get all dolled up!

Hair....make....time to roll!

 Getting your dressed all synced and tied up!
 You were one excited girl!

You look half grown here! Which you daddy did not take to kindly too,lol!

 Thank Ms. Taylor for all your help! We love ya bunches!
 And of course Andrea was there, which made MC's night even better!!!!
 Getting ready to hit the stage!
 You remind me of Goldie locks in this picture!
 You looked like a total princess!

 Walking the stage!
 I was just amazed at how confident you were!  It really shocked me that you didn't act shy or look away!
 Waiting for the announcement of the winner!
 You did not win but you lost with total grace!  You were the ONLY contestant out of 11 girls who clapped for each winner! That my dear... makes you a TOTAL winner in my book!  You were a little bummed back stage and quite for a little while. On the way home, you said.... Mommy can I try again next year and I said yes.....against my better judgement!  You said....good, I'm gonna practice more and try again next year! You just impressed me beyond measure MC!  You are growing up and maturing before my very eyes! You made me one proud mommy that night!
 Then it was time for the fair parade.....what you looked foward to the most....Riding in a convertible!
 You loved the leopard print sign Nana made ya!
 And you were head over heels in love with Ms. Vicki's car!  You asked if you could have it when you turned 16.  Cracked me up!

 Daddy and his girls getting ready for the

Mommy and Kin's selfie!
Sadie and Kinley on the merry-go-round!
 MC and Cadie!

 Oh the peace signs! She kills me!
 Ferris wheel all alone this year!!!!
 Some how Cadie talked daddy into riding with her!
 Kinley's first bumper car experience!
 She loved all the bumping and wrecking!
 Poor Sadie looks scared to death!
 They even broke the rules and let Kinley ride a big kids ride with daddy. I was worried it would be to scary and fast for her but she LOVED it!

Kin, Cadie, MC, and Sadie! 
My little clowns having a blast! They are ready for the fair to come back next year!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MC and KB's Pool Party!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have one party for my two babies! In my perfect mommy mind I would be able to handle everything and get it all done! Well....reality is just that....reality! Being 8 months pregnant with two kids, 3 jobs, a wife, church activities, extra curricular actives for the kids, and a house to keep up with happened. I failed...totally! You know the old saying... I am too pooped to poop....well by George I am there! The girls both wanted a swim party at the water park and it always closes down on labor day. My fabulous friend, Mike, kept the pool open one more day so my girls could have their b-day parties there! So we had an end of summer pool party and it was great! I had to do very little work, the weather was great, and everybody had a great time!

Still can't believe that candle says 7!!!!
SEVEN whole years old....already...dang it!
Love this sweet smile!
My little Price is Right hand model,lol!
And in less than 3 baby girl will be FOUR!  YIKES!!!!
Oh the duck face!

Greer was not so sure about holding hands with Kin,lol!
But....she came around!
Three Cowart beauties!!!
My favorite Cowart girls! They bring so much joy to my life!
Nana and her big girls!
Ms. Debbie was such a big help too!
Our family....can't believe we will have another one to add to this picture in a few short weeks!!!

Greer getting her dance on in the pool!
Poor Cooper became MC's personal flotation device!
Oh and sweet, precious Sealy had a blast too!
Kalyn, GK, and MC
Such cuites! Wish they would stay this little forever!
Then it was time to sing happy birthday......they were both excited!
Blowing out their candles!
MC showing daddy one of her awesome gifts!

Kin was intrigued by the little box.............
Pink earrings!!!! Just what she wanted!!!!!

MC loving the slide!
Splash down
Kin was too little to ride, but when everybody left our buddy Mike let her ride down Ms Debbie!
She was tickled! You could see her big ole smile the entire way down!
SPLASH DOWN!!!!!!!!!!1
That's one happy....almost.... FOUR year old!