Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Good Bye Summer.........Hello FIRST GRADE and Fun Time!

I can't NOT believe summer has come and gone just like that! And you can't start school without the proper pedicure!!! I let them pick their colors out all by themselves....thinking surely it will be a cute pink or purple color............NOPE I was wrong
MC chose a silver color
and KB chose this electric blue!

Our baby girl is going to first grade!  WOW just doesn't' seem possible! She told me exactly what she wanted her sign to say and she picked out her entire outfit from head to toe.  Which of course meant NO bow, NO headband, NO nothing in her hair.  But, I sucked it up and said okay baby it's your call!
Sunday night before school started, at 5:30 pm, we got a call that your teacher had been changed.  You were devastated and super nervous about the change.  You spent about 30 minutes in your room crying and it broke my heart! You finally came out and talked to me and daddy about it.  Come to find out you where changed into a class with some of your old preschool friends and church friends! You were tickled when you found this out! And we found out how super fun your new teacher was and you were ready for the change!

And little miss got to pick her outfit out too from head to toe.  And she has to be JUST like big sis and refuse ANY and ALL hair accessories!  Where did my girl girls go!?!?!? I want them back!!!

My baby girls have just grown and grown!  Blessed they are so healthy but sad it's going by so fast!
Awww such a rare sweet sister moment!

Daddy and MC!

Me and my first grader!

Mommy and KB!
Daddy and his baby girl!

This little camera ham cracks me up!

My THREE loves!

MCC ready for 1st grade!
Thumbs up!

Such a rainy, yucky start to a school year!  But sweet daddy walk in you under is big ole umbrella!
MC at her very own desk!
Kinley you couldn't wait to show us your new locker and new crayon box!!!
We walked her in and meet her new 1st grade teacher!  She was excited, no tears, no fears, just excitemnt.  This mommy's eyes filled with big ole tears... tears of joy for her being so happy and content......tears that she was not crying and holding on to me like last year.... and tears that my baby was growing up and didn't really need me!  Her teacher gave me the sweetest hug and said have a great day mom because we are going to! That's code for..........don't' lose it mom......she's doing great so suck it up and dont cause a scene,lol! And later that day she text me this picture of MC and it made my day!  It may have been a last minute change but it was all for the best and was a HUGE blessing! 
 I couldn't wait for 2:50...... to pick my baby up!  She cam bouncing down the stairs with a big ole smile on her face and overjoyed to tell me ALL about her day!  This mommy's heart just melted and said THANK YOU JESUS! And off to pick up baby sis and head to SONIC!!!!!!!!

I love this picture her teacher sent home! Such a sweet little hand! A hand with such a future ahead of  it! I pray this hand does the Lords work and takes her far in life!

Day Two!  You did NOT want me to walk you in but I insisted!
 But on day three I let ya walk in all by your big girl self!  

Happy 2014-2015 School Year!!!!