Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last month to be THREE!!!

September 1st...... the official mark of the last month to be three.  You have counting down and driving me nuts about turning FOUR! I have no idea why you are so ready to turn four, or what you think will change by turning four.....but you're ready for it! You are usually my calm and cool child but boy oh boy this last month you have turned into the MELT DOWN QUEEN! I am not sure if it's a stage, or lack of sleep since your been out of school and not napping as much, or you have just lost your mind but you will cry at the drop of a hat!  You are my singing and dancing queen! You have totally become taken with Big Brother this summer! You love Victoria because she has lots of "cute and fancy shoes" which cracks me up! You moved out of Ms Sara's class and into Ms Brooke's class at school! You think you are such a big girl now and talk about the little babies left in Ms Sara's class!  You love me big but you are a daddy's girl, 150%!  It kinda stings sometimes but it's okay....that's what girls are suppose to be!  
 We flipped your hair out for these pictures but bless your heart you have my straight, baby fine hair and our Arkansas humidity killed it instantly!

 You have gotten so good at writing your name this last month!
 You love the water park!
 And of course the start of school means the start of Badger Football Season! You were so excited when I pulled your cheer leading outfit out to iron it!!!
 Well you begged to be in the Fair Pageant this year and I agreed. We got you a dress and then low and behold we found out you had to be FOUR by the day of the pageant and you turn FOUR just a few days later! It broke my heart to have to tell you that you couldn't do it. But you took it like a TOTAL champ and it made this mommy so very proud! You said ...okay Mommy can I do it next year when I am four...of course I said YES! And then you asked if you could still ride in the parade with sister and throw candy and of course I said YES!!!
 I just love the dress you picked out! I was beautiful on you!
Last weekend we went to my Granny's to celebrate her birthday! You and MC had a blast eating cake and jumping in the bouncy house!

 You said mommy look at my peace sign........and I about wet my pants! Apparently we need to really work on your "peace sign!"
A few days later I saw this picture on Facebook and it soooo reminded me of you and the above picture!  I love you Kinley Bugs!  Enjoy your last month as a three year old! I hope FOUR brings all the wonderful, exciting things you hope it does!  We love you bunches!