Monday, September 8, 2014


Micah Claire you SEVEN big years old. It just seems unreal that it's been seven whole years since you entered our lives!  Each year is flying by more and more quicker!  I am got home at 6am from running and you were already up and dancing around the dining room. I said...what are you doing? You said's my birthday, I'm ready to party!  You are such a ball of energy!

You asked Wednesday night before you went to sleep and asked me if you could please have donuts for breakfast...... and of course I could not say no to the birthday girl! So I got your favorite, apple fritter!
And you loved your balloons, especially when they had a diet coke and box of milk duds attached to them!
Happy 7th Birthday MC!

My baby girl, so beautiful and so big! Wish I could keep ya little forever!

And of course daddy and I surprised you for lunch at school! These are by far my favorite pictures of you and daddy!!! They are precious and full of love!

 On Friday afternoon we got to celebrate your birthday at Ms. Maes!  LOOK at all those candles!

 Opening your gift from Ms. Mae!

 I just can't get over how much you have grown and changed this year!
 And you were nice enough to let little sis join your party!
 That's my girl.....go for a big bite!!!

 Showing off the Frozen book Ms. Mae got ya!

 Then Friday night it was time to celebrate with our family at nana's house!  Nana made the
ding-dong cake you requested!
 And daddy got you the PINK Beebe gun you have been asking for since last year and you were tickled!!!
 Yesterday afternoon daddy took you out to shoot it!

 And Papaw Barry showed up just in time to help too!

After a few tips and adjustments you hit the target THREE times!

Happy Seventh Birthday Claire Bear! It is a joy and privilege to call you my daughter! I am so proud of the little girl you are and the big girl you are growing up to be!