Thursday, October 2, 2014

Because when you baby get THREE showers!

For the last few weeks people have been asking me.....when's your shower, are you gonna have a shower...where all are you registered at.  When I say I am not having one they seemed shocked! To's our third kid and a shower seems a bit much to ask for.  But when you have awesome friends like I do.....the tend to ignore your request to not have a shower and they still shower
 you and your bundle of joy!  
We have been showered like crazy this last week! We feel extremely blessed and we are very thankful to have such thoughtful friends.  

Last Wednesday morning my 5 am gym crew had a surprise shower for me!  I don't think I have ever been so surprised!  We got all kinds of diapers, wipes, clothes, and several gift cards!
Then Friday my co-workers from the hospital had a lunch for me and showered me with great cake and fabulous gifts!

L_O_V_E my  CHI ladies to pieces!
And Ms. Shannon did awesome picking out this Razorback onesie!!!
And Ms. Cindy hit a home run with a trash can for his room!
And Saturday was mommy's day!  I asked a few friends to just do lunch and pedicures with me......
And of course Aunt Paige and Aunt Ashley couldn't resist over doing themselves at lunch! The did a fantastic job!

The best party planners ever! I am blessed not only to have them as friends but also family!!!!
This kid free day was MUCH needed for this mommy!
Two girls...... Four babies....Yep Ms. Shannon had to out do me and have triplets,lol!
The best sister-in-law ever!
After great food, cupcakes, and cake was present time!  Creed got his first  blanket!
And a super cute sleeper and hat to match the blanket!

A SUPER cute pirate sippy cup!

SUPER cute sports themed socks!!! ADORABLE!!!
And a sports themed passy clip!
I mean so sweet, it just made me mushy as pie!

Camo burp cloth for my little man!
sweet bath set!
This one cracked me and aunt ash says don't make me flex and bust another onesie!  LOVE IT!

Creed's first camo!
And Ms. Shannon thought a bottle of wine was needed! Cracked me up!  And as much as I would love a glass.... it gonna be almost 2016 before I get that enjoyment! It should be good and aged by then,lol!

And check out this totally adorable outfit Aunt Paige got him!  Daddy said NO chevron print for "his boy!" so mommy hasn't dared buy any.....but I knew Aunt Paige would come through and she did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And OMG look at this totally awesome diaper bag Aunt Ashley got my man!!! I am in LOVE and can't wait to sport it!!!!!!

And ya just can't resist a fun photo op!
Awwww then it was time for manis and pedis!  And of course mommy and triplets so first!!!!
Nicole and Melissa....all smiles!
Super sweet Sarah soaking it all in!
And the highlight of my day...... Aunt Paige's jeans getting stuck!  Ashley and Taylor's faces here are cracking me up!
And Aunt Paige's face..... I mean I about wet my pants right then and there.

All these girls bring so much joy and laughter to my life!  There friendship is absolutely priceless to me!!! Thank you all for a fabulous day!!!!