Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fabulously Four!!!

October 1st, FINALLY ARRIVED!!! 
And Kinley you are FINALLY a FABULOUS FOUR years old!!!!!!!  You have been waiting for this day and talking about this day for many, many months!

You woke up to find a big Princess Balloon with a diet coke and sour Skittles waiting for you!!!
My fabulously sassy FOUR year old!!!

You look so grown up!

You look so pleased with yourself for being FOUR,LOL!

IDK what's up with the crooked fingers you got going on!

My four year old!!!
Four and Seven.....WOW we got here really fast I tell ya!

Daddy and his big FOUR year old!

My loves!

After pictures it was off to the donut shop to celebrate with Kin's birthday twin Sadie!!!!
Then it was time to celebrate with Nana, Poppa, and Papaw Barry!  You asked Nana to make ya a strawberry cake and boy did she! I was marvelous!!!

Going in for the blow.....
2nd blow.....
And finally the third blow with help from MC got all FOUR of those candles!
Oh....then the FUN part....presents!!!! This was from mommy and daddy!
My mom's face here is cracking me up!
You were smitten with these two Beanie Boos! You have done everything but steal your sister's so it was time to get you your very own!!!!!!!
And that joyous smile makes those ugly big eyed semi tolerable!

And some glitter body spray
And a new gymnastics leo from Poppa!
You were shocked he knew exactly which one you wanted!
You are so animated......I love it!!!!
Oh and from Nana.................
OMG purple earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You were so excited I was afraid you were gonna wet your pants!!!!
And Thursday we had your school party!!!
Getting to glue all FOUR candles on your cake!!!!
You were just too excited for words!

She is F-O-U-R!!!!
And present time from Ms. Mae!
An awesome book!!!
You didn't want to sit with your friends.....nor me.....just your old stinky daddy!
Yall are just too cute!
And Ms Mae had you a Happy Birthday Princess sign!!!!
Sweet birthday Hugs from Ms. Brooke!

And only two stayed lit so Ms Brooke lit them again and we did it all over again.......
But you didn't seem to mind,lol!
You got all FOUR in one big blow!!!

And of course you had to lick every candle clean!

Kinley at FOUR:
Favorite color: Green
Favorite TV show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite drink: Diet Coke
Favorite Food: Mac and cheese
Favorite Friend: Maddie
Favorite Thing about school: Learning my Letters
Why are your excited about being FOUR: because I get to ride the bus at Ms. Maes!
What do you want to be when ya grow up: A big sister! ( yeah answer tugged at my heart strings!)
Who do you love the most: DADDY!!!! ( I think you were really tired of answering questions by this point and you really meant to say MOMMY!!! LOL) It's okay though, I was a daddy's girl for a very long time, so I totally understand your love for him and I think it's precious!

Welcome to the FABULOUS FOURS Kinely Beth!  Your daddy and I love you so very much! We are excited to see what this next year holds for you!