Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finally....... A Baby Update!

I love our Blog and enjoy doing it mostly because it's my way of scrap booking! But it's not my life and it's not up-to-the-minute accurate!  I saw someone in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago....who I didn't know read my blog....but apparently she does...... and she says...... Well look you and your belly! Glad to see your still pregnant. You haven't had any baby blog updates so it's like your still stuck at 15 weeks pregnant.
I mean what originally popped into my head was not a nice reply..... mostly due to my hormones.....but I resisted! politely as possible being 8 months pregnant said....... well ya know I'm kinda busy these days; maybe I will get around to it soon and I smiled!
So guess what.... I finally got around to doing a baby update!  So much has gone on in the last four months...... mostly the growth of my stomach and the loss of visual contact with anything below the top of my belly! I totally forgot how draining pregnancy can be. This is has been a great pregnancy but I am older this time and have WAY less down time.  So the days are longer and harder and by the Grace of God I was given a husband who loves and adores me even on my most bitchiest of days! Thank you Willie!!!!
12 weeks!  GOOD LORD that seems like a lifetime ago! 

 Sneak peak out our 15 weeks old baby....Mrs. Lynn was sure she could tell the gender but wanted to wait 2 more week to be sure before she old us...UHHHHH!!!!! Such TORTURE!!!
Baby C waving hi to mommy and daddy!

Finally Ms. Lynn did another ultrasound!!!! BUT Daddy couldn't be there and he REFUSED to let me find out without him there!  So she sealed it up tight in THREE envelops so I wouldn't peak.  And of course it was a super busy day with kids after school activities, and I had a hair appointment, and daddy had to work late!  SO FINALLY at 6:30 pm daddy and I were both home.  We wanted to find out alone so we had to lock our bedroom door, go into our bathroom and lock that get away from our nosy little girls!  We wanted a fun way to tell them so we loaded them up and headed to Nana and Poppa's house. Nana and Poppa acted more like kids than the girls did, it was so fun to see them all waiting to hear!!!!

And for some reason my husband stopped videoing and then restarted so here is Nana and Poppa's reaction.  Can ya tell Poppa is a little excited,lol!

Yep....that's right ......its' a boy!  OMG a BOY!!! WOW!!!!
There he is...our precious little boy!  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought we would have a boy. I had a strange feeling it was a boy but never thought it was possible! I mean we do girls....bows....ruffles.....nail polish!  I had honestly already picked out THREE little matching Christmas dress for my THREE girls to wear this year!  
And the official photo to prove.... He is a He!

25 weeks....Here it comes.... I feel like I skipped the "baby bump stage" and BAM.... There was a full baby belly out of now where! 

30 weeks...... I finally feel pregnant... I can no longer reach my toes and struggle to tie my shoes! 

35 weeks...........YIKES that boy is doing some major growing!  
One of my co-workers made him the cutesiest little monkey blanket!  The little ears all stand out and flip precious!!!

After we picked a name.... I immediately ordered his coming home outfit!  Awwww it just melts me to pieces! Never did I think something Blue would make this girl tear up......but boy was I was wrong!
Then I ordered labels with his name on it! I just love seeing his makes it seem so real!
And finally a 30 week 4D ultrasound of our precious miracle!  It still makes me stand still in total aww that this baby had only a 10% chance of making it at 7 weeks gestation.  And NOW here we are at 35 weeks..... healthy and strong!  My God.... I stand in aww of you and your works!
Look at those sweet chubby cheeks and that those plump lips! I can't wait to kiss all over him!!! He should have been about 3#s but he was it looks like we may have another big ole Cowart baby!
Let the count down begin.....because this mommy is ready to see her feet again and lay eyes on her sweet baby boy!!!!