Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome Fall!!!!

It's officially Fall and we have been super busy!
 We started out going to Pumpkin Days at Manchester! And we invited our favorite girl Greer to go with us!!!
My little pumpkins!

I just love that these three girls are getting to grow up together and
 share such fun experiences together!

These two holding hands just melt my heart! I pray they forever love each other dearly!

And we had to take a picture with our cutie pie buddy MG!
 First up........ a tractor ride!
 All Smiles
 MC making the rounds.

 He told her that she did great and her daddy should let her mow all by herself
and that just tickled her to death!
 Then Little sister got her turn!

 She was grinning ear the ear the entire ride!

 Then we took a ride in covered wagon!
 And finished up with face painting!

 Finally time to get the pumpkin dresses out!!!

LOVE these goofy smiles!
 And the pumpkin shirts and fall boots!!!!

 My little girl......looking so grown up!

 Oh the poses she comes up with!
 MC finding out the hay really is her mommy said it was,lol!

100% Kinley!
 Saturday we put on our Halloween costumes and headed to Glenwood to have a hayride with Greer!
 My little cheesers!

My little devil!
 Pretty girls!

 The first hayride!!!
 Emily got there in time to partake in the 2nd hayride!
When the sun went down it got chilly so they all snuggled up!  Just PRECIOUS!