Monday, November 17, 2014

2 weeks old

Mr Creed you are  TWO weeks old already! Yesterday you made your first trip to church and you did great. You slept like a log the entire service. You are still a great sleeper. You typically take one or two FIVE hour naps a day and it's GREAT! Then you wake about every 3 hours to eat. This week you started staying awake some. You typically can stay awake for 45 minutes at a time and your sisters love it!  They are so ready for you to grow up and play with them. After church yesterday I took you by my office to weigh and measure you. Your exactly back to your birth weight of 9#7oz and you are 20 3/4 of an inch long. You have grown almost 2 inches in the last two weeks....YIKES! You are a very easy going baby; you pretty much only cry when you are hungry 
or need a diaper change!  
 Already for church.....such a cutie pie!

I thought I would try the pictures in the bed again, but this was as good as I got.

And down ya went........

 All the way down,lol! Maybe I should hold off on the up right pictures for a little while,lol!

 You are getting so long!  You take up over 1/2 of the play mat now when you stretch your legs out!
 You love the music and light box on your play mat! When you have a full belly you can sit there and watch/listen to it for 30 minutes!
 I finally got ya to look at me but the flash was too bright for ya.
 Still to bright for ya
 And you are still loving tummy time!

 Trying hard to pick that head up!
 There's that precious face!!!! You are just so strong!!!
 And you are just like your LOVE to sleep on your stomach! So during the day when I can watch you, I let ya sleep on your belly and you will sleep for 5 hours!
 Aunt Paige and Greer came Thursday to spend the day with us!  Greer was not so sure what to think about you.....or her mommy holding you,lol!
LOVE this!  Creed you are so loved by so many!