Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 years 1 month old!

You are now OVER 4 years old!  I imagine it will not be long until your start talking about being FIVE!  You are the spunkiest kid I know. You have the driest sense of humor that is off the cuff!  You are so funny that you don't even know it! We NEVER know what is going to come out of your mouth....which is not always a good thing,lol! You told Daddy that Harrison is your boyfriend. Daddy told you to break up with him and you said...........Daddy I can't I just got with him!  I mean I about wet my pants! And your buddy Ayden has taught you the words to Guns and Roses, Paradise City!  OMG never did I think there would be a day my 4 year old would come home singing a 80's heavy metal song!  You are writing your name like crazy these days! And you swear you can read just like sissy does!  You are loving dance and gymnastics these days and it's so fun to watch you learn all these new skills!  

 Oh yes this is sooooo you Kin!

 Oh be still my heart!  My baby girl!
Just breath taking!
You have been in the Halloween mood for weeks now! You love wearing all your Halloween shirts and dresses. And you love seeing all the scary and spooky songs you have learned at school!

Badger football!!! We love this time of year!  And Kinley loves that Papaw Barry never fails to show up with a POCKET full of candy and a big ole Diet Coke!!!
Fashion disaster night at church! You picked it all out and did a FANTASTIC job nailing the "disaster" part,lol!
This hair design was all your idea and it turned out pretty good Kin!
Oh the start of parade season!  You love parades.....or the actually the candy they throw during the parade! IDK what you face is all about but it's 110% you!  Totally crazy!
Uncle Matt and his crew came down for a visit!
You haven't seen Sara Beth in a long time but yall took right back up where ya left off!
When you see this picture you say....OH there's Sara Beth my best friend!  So sweet! I wish they lived closer and you could see her more often!
And we finally got your four year old shots done!  Bless your heart you were so excited to get them had no idea what getting 4 shots at one time was gonna be like! Daddy came and held ya since I was too pregnant to really hold ya good. It book it heart to hold ya and hear you cry out NO daddy make them stop!  But an ICEE after them made it all better! Thank goodness those are all over until you are 13 years old!!!!