Thursday, November 6, 2014

7 years 2 months

Well...... I gotta me honest MC.... you are actually about 5 days away from being 7 years and 2 months old.  I'm scheduled to be in  hospital on the "actual day" you turn 7 years 2 months so I started working on this a few days early.  UPDATE:...........And it's a good thing I did because brother had a mind of his own and cam even earlier than we expected!  So everything below was written prior to his arrival!
You are so excited that baby brother is coming in just a few days! You kiss my belly several times a day and you love to squeeze  hug him in my belly and most of the time that makes him kick ya and you laugh!  Your first nine weeks of 1st grade is officially over and you did a fantastic job! You made all A's and are one of the top readers in your class! Daddy and I are so proud of you. And most importantly....your teacher says you are very well behaved and have great manors; which tickles me!

Seven....headed towards Eight.....YIKES!
10-30-14.....1st grad school picture day!

I love this smile with your side gasps showing.

You are finally into scarves and that tickles me! Maybe one day you will finally love turtlenecks!!!

Oh my little poser!

My baby just look half grown these days!

You are just precious....on the inside and out my baby girl!

You had no absences and no tardys this semester so you got to go to the "NO Tardy Dance Party" and your picture made the school website!!!!
You finally got to with daddy on the youth hunt! We spent Friday night at deer camp and a big storm came! But luckily the rain stopped for a little while and you still got to go!
Daddy putting your orange hat on!
All geared up!
My hunters!  LOVE the pink bb gun!
Heading off on a great adventure! Daddy said yall scared a doe on the way in and then you got bored and pulled the iPhone out to play subway suffers and the noise scared another off. I laughed so hard when he told me!  I guess you got a long way to go to be a quite and still hunter!
PJ day at school!
Your 1st grade class!
Last week I picked you up and you had just lost a tooth!
24 minutes later we are at home and another one falls out!!!! OMG!!!
Right after that tooth came out.........We had to hurry and get to church. And you told everyone about you losing two teeth; you were so excited!!!! This is the outfit you picked up for our "fashion disaster"night at church....very creative of you!
You could not wait to get home from church and go to bed so the tooth fairy could come! You said........Mommy you think the tooth fairy will bring me like a THOUSAND dollars since I lost two teeth.. After I quit laughing I assured you the fairy would NOT be bring you that much money! Nice try though kid-o! You woke me up at 2AM to show me the RAZORBACK money the tooth fairy brought you! You were so excited the tooth fairy was a Razorback fan!!!! Woo Pig Sooie!