Monday, November 24, 2014

Three weeks old

THREE WEEKS OLD!!! WOW time is just flying! This week you have started to open your hands a little bit and you can hold your head up for 15-20 seconds! I weighed you Saturday and you were 10#5.5oz and 21 inches are grow, grow, growing!!!

 My big blued baby!
 Your eyelashes and eyebrows are blonde they don't show up at all!
 Yeah, I tried the bed shot again..........and again it was not successful! lets by laying down by the pillow....not to bad
 Well....I Spoke to soon!

 MC loves to entertain you and I love to watch!
 She loves you more than you will ever know!
  And she was OVER THE MOON that you held her hand!

 Last Wednesday we had to attend a funeral and you got to come with us! You sported your fist bow tie.........absolutely precious!!!!

 Me and favorite little man!
 I just love this little bow tie!  You are the cutest little man ever!
 Hey Mom! Enough with the camera flash.........
 And mommy didn't listen so he got really mad,lol!
 You loved to be wrapped up or swaddled but you tend to but out of them with your hands. You love to sleep with at least one if not both hands touching your face.  It's funny because in every ultrasound we had of you, you had your hands all over your face!
 Saturday you sported your first Razorback onesie!  You looked so cute!
 Looks like you are practicing calling the Hogs!  You must have been a good luck charm for them because they beat Mississippi State!
 You slept like a baby all thru church on Sunday!
 And today you belly button finally feel off!!! You are a free man!
 And your social security card came today too! You are officially an American Citizen!!
Our church has brought us dinner every night and one sweet church member made cupcakes with your name on them!  They were so cute and they were as sweet as you are Creed!

Monday, November 17, 2014

2 weeks old

Mr Creed you are  TWO weeks old already! Yesterday you made your first trip to church and you did great. You slept like a log the entire service. You are still a great sleeper. You typically take one or two FIVE hour naps a day and it's GREAT! Then you wake about every 3 hours to eat. This week you started staying awake some. You typically can stay awake for 45 minutes at a time and your sisters love it!  They are so ready for you to grow up and play with them. After church yesterday I took you by my office to weigh and measure you. Your exactly back to your birth weight of 9#7oz and you are 20 3/4 of an inch long. You have grown almost 2 inches in the last two weeks....YIKES! You are a very easy going baby; you pretty much only cry when you are hungry 
or need a diaper change!  
 Already for church.....such a cutie pie!

I thought I would try the pictures in the bed again, but this was as good as I got.

And down ya went........

 All the way down,lol! Maybe I should hold off on the up right pictures for a little while,lol!

 You are getting so long!  You take up over 1/2 of the play mat now when you stretch your legs out!
 You love the music and light box on your play mat! When you have a full belly you can sit there and watch/listen to it for 30 minutes!
 I finally got ya to look at me but the flash was too bright for ya.
 Still to bright for ya
 And you are still loving tummy time!

 Trying hard to pick that head up!
 There's that precious face!!!! You are just so strong!!!
 And you are just like your LOVE to sleep on your stomach! So during the day when I can watch you, I let ya sleep on your belly and you will sleep for 5 hours!
 Aunt Paige and Greer came Thursday to spend the day with us!  Greer was not so sure what to think about you.....or her mommy holding you,lol!
LOVE this!  Creed you are so loved by so many!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week One: Full of highs and lows

These girls are over the moon about their baby brother! They wake up and immediately come looking for him....they get home from school and immediately want to hold him.....they have to kiss him a dozen times before they got to bed...........It's just precious! 

The World's Greatest big sisters!
MC has gotten so good at holding him!
And Kinley is starting to figure it out.....but as soon as he squirms she is ready to give him back!
And Finally my girls got to open their big sister gifts!
Such excitement and anticipation!
They got necklaces with their name and birthstone on it!!!!
Daddy putting MC's necklace on!
One excited big sister!
Another excited big sister!
Both big sisters sporting their new necklaces!
Oh the first bath.......went just like the girls did....full of crying!
I forgot how many cracks and crevasses newborns have,lol!
MC couldn't stand to hear him cry so she left quickly but new big sister stayed and helped!

It's amazing how things can go from good to bad in  matter of mere minutes! Shawn and I were driving to town to pick the girls up from school and I was trying to reset the clock in my car (since Creed was born on daylight saving time change I never got around to it). I had to pull out the owners manual and when I did I found this 6 week ultrasound of Creed. I held it up and told Shawn....Look at this picture.....he started with less than a 10% chance of being here on this day and now look at him! He's here and strong and healthy!  My heart was so full of joy and praise and of course that's just what the devil prays on!  And boy oh boy did he!  Within that very hour Shawn got a phone call from somebody wanting to know who Creed's pediatrician was going to be. He thought it was somebody from the hospital Creed was born at.  I had left my phone at home so when I got home I had a voicemail. It was from the Arkansas Department of health. They asked that I call them as soon as possible; they needed to know who my baby's doctor was and needed to send them the results of his newborn blood work.  I immediately knew something wasn't right.......they wouldn't call if all the results were okay.  I called the lady right back but she was on the phone with someone else.  I know more hung up than the doctor's office was calling me.  The nurse told me some of this labs came back abnormal and they need to retake them.  I said WHAT came back abnormal and she said...... they think he has Galactosemia .  HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!!! I am a dietitian and knew EXACTLY what that meant and how VERY serious it was! I said where can we go to do the blood work and she said we are calling our hospital to see if they can do it, we will call ya back as soon as we hear. But until then you need to put him on soy formula!  My heart just dropped!  None of my babies have ever done formula; they have all been breastfeed till a year of age or longer.  I said, I am not sure I can do that; she said you can wait till the next blood work comes back if you want just watch him for the signs.  Well.... I immediately went to my work bag and pulled all my paper work on Galactosemia .  Here are the warning signs.....convulsions, vomiting, jaundice, formation of cataracts.  GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!  Watch my 5 day old baby for convulsions.....SERIOULSY!!!! Is this REALLY happening; I broke down and lost it!  Shawn, with no idea what all this meant just hugged me and said what does this mean?!?! All I could do was hand him the papers and says there is a 70% chance of death if untreated.  I could see the instant fear on his face!  The girls where right there and immediately started crying and asking what's wrong mommy. Shawn walked outside to read the paper I hadnded him.  I told the girls they need to redo brother's blood work because they are worried about him.  There were as upset as i was. I dropped to my knees with Creed in my arms and I said, Girls lets just pray for him.  They both put there hands on him and dropped their heads while I prayed. I was such a great but scary momenet!  We sent them to the back to watch tv while we talked and the doctor called us back with directions on what to do. The only place that can do the blood work was Children's hospital and they were closed already for the day. Our doctor wanted to do his one week checkup first thing the next morning and then said we could head to lab at Children's. 

 About that time my best friend pulled up with her family and I tired to pull it all together so they wouldn't know anything was wrong. But that's the funny and great thing about besties.....they always know when something is not right.  She took one look at me and said BROOKE what is wrong? And that's all it took for me to literally break down. All I remember is her picking me up and holding me so tight and crying right there with me. So I had to tell her everything.  It's amazing how God sends the right person at the right time.  She was so calm and said, it's going to be okay; we are gonna pray that is just a mistake and it will be! Our God is strong and will take care of you all!  They left to give us some alone time but she texted me all night with her prayers and bible versus; just what I needed. 

We called each of our parents to see if anyone in the family had this because it's EXTREMELY genetic.  And NO ONE had it or had even heard of it.  And neither of our girls had ever tested positive for it which was a great sign! But there was still a small chance he could have it.  Knowing all that information helped; but I am telling it was the longest night of my life! Shawn and I talked and talked about what to do. We decided to continue with breastfeeding till we got to Children's and heard more.Every time I fed him I would sit up and watch him to make sure he had no convulsions and didn't vomit. I would turn the light on and shine it directly in his eyes and look for cataracts. 
It was the LONGEST night ever!  

The next morning Shawn took the girls to school and tried to gather myself to get ready. I had Bless the Lord O My Soul playing in the house and I felt my chest tightening and I had an overwhelming urge to call Paige! I didn't want anyone else to know but I wanted another strong prayer warrior to lean on.  So I picked up the phone.....and I know now that was the best decision ever!  She answered and I couldn't even talk.  She was so calming and full of HIS word that it calmed me down.  I remember telling her.... I know Jesus is here, I just wish he was physically here to hold my hand.  And she perfectly said he is there; not holding your hand but holding you!  And she was right; he was. It was time to pull my mess of a self together and turn it all over to my Lord! No matter what, he was in control and the plan is already written! Shawn came home to get us and as we drove to the doctor it was total silence.  He reached over and grabbed my hand and tears streamed down my face. THEN IT HIT ME!!! The holy spirit was left here for us and to comfort us; and as much as I wanted Jesus there to hold my hand he couldn't be. BUT the Lord sent me a strong God fearing man to hold my hand every step of the way. I know he was as scared as I was, and he was praying constantly too all while being strong for me! He was sent to be my rock here on this earth and that he was!   Dr Rucker said everything looked great but said she had to give us a can of soy formula to cover her tail but she respected our decision to breastfeed till he has further proof. Then off we headed on a long hour drive to Arkansas Children's Hospital! The entire care ride I had both my friends texting me 
positive thoughts and wonderful bible versus; it truly made me realize what a lucky 
girl I am to have them in my life!  

I was so consumed with worry about MY child when we exited at Children's. We no more pulled into the parking lot and I see a dad getting a wheel chair out the trunk of his car and putting his 2....maybe 3 year old child into the wheel chair.  That was a great wake up call to me! There are far worse things we could be facing. And if he did have it, it could be fixed by me stopping breastfeeding and doing soy products for the rest of his life. Yes it would suck to stop nursing him, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be WAY worse and we were blessed to have a healthy baby.  When you walk in there are kids everywhere....unhealthy....very sick kids.  Kids there with cancer, kids missing limbs, kids who can't walk.  It's so heart breaking to see them and even try to imagine what their life is like and how worried their parents are about them.  We got checked in and headed to the lab. The lady in there was amazing!  She got a quick and easy urine sample and then drew his blood.  It was hard to hear Creed scream and cry but I knew it had to be done and it would be over shortly and it was.  She said the urine test should come back soon and it would be at least a week on the blood work.  We had been gone from the hospital maybe 20 minutes and our doctor called and said the urine was total clear and he had no signs of having Galactosemia.  We were in Firehouse subs and tears came streaming down my face. Shawn gave me the biggest hug ever!  I know people in there probably were wondering what in the world my deal was but that's okay.....I could have cared less what they were thinking about me!  Our Dr.said the urine test gives us 80-90% of not having it which is great sign but there still is a small change the blood work could show he has it or a very mild form of it.  As of today we still have not gotten the blood work back but hopefully we will have it soon and can close that door forever!  

This is only picture I have from that day and I hate it. Such a big ole band aide on my little boy!
I don't think daddy was so upset about missing out on opening day of deer season!  So sweet! My boys!!!
Sunday morning....officially ONE week old and he was all smiles!!! Just precious!!!!
 Such a serious look Creed!
 After one flash he was done looking at the camera!
 You love your play mat and all the sounds, music and colors!

 attempt one in the crib....not so successful!
 attempt 2.....not either
 attempt 3....getting close...maybe just maybe..........
NOPE he was DONE with one week old pictures,lol!
Last Saturday we had our newborn pictures done and I can't wait to see them all! I snuck this one shot with my camera and it's just too precious!

After picture we headed to Lodi to see some of Shawn's family!  Poppa and Creed's first picture together!
Even Granny Cowart came out to check out the newest Grandson!
These girls try and entertain Creed every second they are home!  It's so sweet to watch them all interact and to the hear girls say....he's so cute....or I love you Creed! 
And we had our first tummy time fun this week! He did great and found his thumb and immediately started sucking on it! We have never had a thumb sucker so I think it's kinda cute!

"Bless the Lord O my Soul" has stuck with me since last Thursday night. I can't even tell you how many times a day I sing it or recite it!  No matter what lies ahead of me today, let me still be singing and worshiping you when the evening comes. Let me not turn my back to you Oh Lord; let me trust in you and thru you!

Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes
Bless the Lord O my soul, O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before,O my soul
I'll worship Your holy name