Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Week 2014

We have been waiting for Halloween week for many,many months now! The girls love to dress up and get tons of candy.....but they also new it was the week that baby brother was scheduled to arrive! And boy-oh-boy did we just barely make it through the week before he arrived! 

 Last Thursday Kinley's school got to wear their costume and go trick or treating around their school!
 My little sleeping beauty!
 All her buddies showing off their precious costumes!
 Then on was time to party!
 And dance and sing!!!

 And fill up on sweet treats!
 Kinley and her buddy Brooklyn!
 Sweet Madi and Kinley......I can't get over how big these two have gotten over the last year!
 And these 4 have been together since birth!  LOVE them all so dearly!
And then it was time to get all the treat bags!!! After the party Kinley
 came home  to spend the day with me!  

 And we surprised Sissy at school and had lunch with her! It turned out to be our last lunch as just Cowart girls! Then Kinley and I headed home to wait for MC's class party!
 Well...Kinley fell asleep and went into labor!  The doctor said go lay down and rest......but I'm the mom and my baby was having her first 1st grad party so of course I didn't listen!  I partied with some fabulous 1st graders!
 They had a blast making mummies out of each other.

 Love this goofy girl and her smile!
 1st grade smiles!  I totally dig them! This year has been so amazing and such a blessing compared to last year.
 MC having way to much fun making MG into a mummy!

 World's cutest mummies!
 And MC decided Mrs. Patrice need to become a mummy too!

 Then it was time to get ready to trick or treat!
 My little devil and my sleeping beauty....what a combo,lol!

 KB trying hard to not bust out laughing!
 Now that's a full face smile!
 Oh  my.........
 OMG.....what a silly girl!
 I think me and daddy have our hands full with these two knuckle heads!

 I LOVE how Kinley is looking at MC like.......what the crap is that all about sister!!!!

 Oh be still my heart!
 Of course we had to stop at Papaw's and Ms Debbies and of course they had each of them a HUGE bag of goodies! They do not know how to do anything in MODERATION,lol!
Kinley is getting better at that peace sign!
And my favorite Aunt Wanda's! Every year she is still here with us is a blessing! 
 And daddy finally got off work to join us for a Halloween celebration at Nana and Poppa's!
 Nana and her girls!
 LOVE this picture!!!!! My kids are blessed beyond measure by having these two in their life!
 Nana cracking up because Kinley reverted to her old peace sign....luckily at this angle you can't see it,lol!
 And how hard can it be to get a princess, the devil, and a ninja turtle
 to smile and look at the camera....
 still no luck...........
And still no luck.............

But thankfully Aunt Ashley got a good one!  Love these crazy kids!