Monday, November 24, 2014

Three weeks old

THREE WEEKS OLD!!! WOW time is just flying! This week you have started to open your hands a little bit and you can hold your head up for 15-20 seconds! I weighed you Saturday and you were 10#5.5oz and 21 inches are grow, grow, growing!!!

 My big blued baby!
 Your eyelashes and eyebrows are blonde they don't show up at all!
 Yeah, I tried the bed shot again..........and again it was not successful! lets by laying down by the pillow....not to bad
 Well....I Spoke to soon!

 MC loves to entertain you and I love to watch!
 She loves you more than you will ever know!
  And she was OVER THE MOON that you held her hand!

 Last Wednesday we had to attend a funeral and you got to come with us! You sported your fist bow tie.........absolutely precious!!!!

 Me and favorite little man!
 I just love this little bow tie!  You are the cutest little man ever!
 Hey Mom! Enough with the camera flash.........
 And mommy didn't listen so he got really mad,lol!
 You loved to be wrapped up or swaddled but you tend to but out of them with your hands. You love to sleep with at least one if not both hands touching your face.  It's funny because in every ultrasound we had of you, you had your hands all over your face!
 Saturday you sported your first Razorback onesie!  You looked so cute!
 Looks like you are practicing calling the Hogs!  You must have been a good luck charm for them because they beat Mississippi State!
 You slept like a baby all thru church on Sunday!
 And today you belly button finally feel off!!! You are a free man!
 And your social security card came today too! You are officially an American Citizen!!
Our church has brought us dinner every night and one sweet church member made cupcakes with your name on them!  They were so cute and they were as sweet as you are Creed!