Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome to the World Creed!

So Friday was Halloween and I have said for months that I will NOT have a Halloween baby.  Well.... I should have known to never say never!  After lunch....labor started! I immediately freaked!!! I called my doctor and his nurse picked up and said OMG Brooke what did you do.  I died laughing and said NOTHING I am cleaning house.  She said....well if you don't want a Halloween baby....STOP and go lay down.  So I finished cleaning house and went to MC's school party.....because that's what mom's do! And then we had to go trick-or-treating so there was no time to rest. Saturday the contractions had pretty much stopped so I thought we were in the clear till our scheduled C-section on Monday. When I woke up Sunday it game on! I was in so much pain I could not stand up straight and the contractions were more consistent but not that close together. I really hurt at my old c-section incision site so I called labor and delivery and they said.....just come up here and let us check you out! So we dropped the girls off with my mom and headed to the hospital.  My doctor was not on call so I had a total stranger for my OBGYN. He kept me for three hours and said everything looks good and looks like you can hold off till tomorrow's scheduled c-section but I want to keep you one more hour just to make sure my assessment is correct.  Well as soon as he left the room the contractions kicked in full force with no real breaks. I sat straight up in the bed and Shawn said....are you okay?! I said NO this *&%( hurts and they are gonna have to stop them if they want me to wait till tomorrow! At noon Dr. H came back in and said I think I will let ya go home. I said...okay....what can we do about these contractions until tomorrow.  He leaned over and pulled up all the paper work that the monitor had spit out and he said OH MY!  I said...your making me nervous! He laughed and said.... I can't let ya go.  Your gonna walk out of here and your water is gonna break or your gonna deliver this baby so we are gonna prep the OR and do a c-section now.  Immediate tears streamed down my face!  A total strange OBGYN is gonna do this c-section.... no family is here.......Im gonna have a baby today....not tomorrow has planned. My mind was racing 90 to nothing!!!! Shawn much time do we have? Dr. H said he will be here within the hour. WITHIN THE HOUR!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!  I called my mom and said he's coming HURRY!  Called my dad three times and NO answer! Shawn called his parents NO answer!  Then the nurses started pouring in to get my IV's started, the anesthesiologist came in to prep me and have me sign paper work. It was utter ciaos for the next 30-40 minutes.  My mind was spinning out  of control! My OCD kicked in full force!  We didn't get to take our "Last picture as a family of 4!" The girls didn't have their Big Sister shirts on.......we hadn't given them their big sister presents........Most of our family was gonna miss this big event! WOW this is really about to happen like this......was all I kept thinking!  But what can ya do at that point; it was what it was and we were gonna get 
to finally meet our baby boy!  

I was afraid I wasn't' gonna get to see the girls before they got there so I sent them a selfie before my baby boy came!
 Contractions.........not one fun thing about them!!!
 My mom and the girls arrived less than 5 minutes before they wheeled me back! Kinley was scared to death of all the IV's the poles, the monitors and nurses in the room so she refused to come near me!

 Nana and MC getting picture in just before baby boys arrival!

 Kinley's last picture as the baby of the family!
 Daddy got to sneak in a bite of food before the surgery.....lucky guy!  I was starving; I had not had anything to eat or drink since 8:30 Saturday night.
 At 1:13pm our baby boy entered the world!  He was 9#7oz and 19 inches of sheer perfection!
 Welcome to the world Creed! You are loved beyond measure!
 He got to spend over 20 minutes in the OR with us then they brought him straight to me in recovery to nurse and boy he took right to nursing!
 The girls could not wait to see him!  I LOVE the smile on MC's face!
This picture just CRACKS me up! MC was super ticked that Nana let Kinley hold Creed first! 
And finally big sister MC got to hold him!!!!!! She was OVER the moon with excitement! 
 Daddy telling Creed all about our crazy family, lol!
 ALLLLLL my loves! God is just soooo good!
 Nana finally got her hands on Creed!

Kinley sang him his first song........PRECIOUS!
 Aunt Paige, Uncle Jody, and Greer made it just after delivery.
Greer checking out this new baby boy! 
 My baby boy all stretched out!
 Getting his hearing test done! And he passed with flying colors!
 Back in the room to hang out with mommy and daddy!
 Creed being camera shy,lol!
 And FINALLY he opened his eyes! Love these dark blue eyes!

 The girls texted and asked me to send them a picture before they went to bed so I sent them this one!
 After two long days in the hospital......we got to leave!!!!! Time for the going home outfit!!!
 Daddy getting his boy loaded up!
 First time in the car seat! Look at those big ole feet!
 This just cracks me up!  Love these sweet chubby cheeks!
 We got home before noon so we decided to pick up Kinley and let her spend the afternoon with Creed. I laid him down and went to the bathroom........when I came back this is what I found. I said what are you doing.......and she said I want to just sit here and watch him sleep mommy! Ohhhh how precious!
Apparently watching little brother sleep is hard work for this big sister because she grabbed her favorite blanket and piled up on the couch for a 4 hour nap!

This is the bible versus I got on the day you were born!  I pray you grow into a God loving and fearing man Creed.  A man who continually has his eyes fixed towards the Lord!  He will never leave you and he will guide you all the days of your life sweet baby boy! He has already brought you through so much; I know he has great plans for you my love!

Welcome to the World Creed Brently Cowart! You are an amazing addition to our family!