Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 weeks old!

 5 week old already!  I am telling ya every time I turn around another Sunday has come and gone and you have added yet another week to the count!  Everyone in this family if madly in love with you! It's amazing how silly we act over you!  Your sisters think you hung the moon and they pretty much try and suck the life right out of ya! We are opening your hands more and really staring at things. You are cooing and smiling like crazy and over course we just melt over it!
 Our sweet baby boy!  We love you more than you will every know!
 Oh mom not this pose again!

 Give it a rest lady ;-)
 Look at me not looking at you,lol!
 Seriously lady....we have to do this every Sunday?!?!

 You look like a little ole man and I LOVE IT!!!

 You look like you really want to say some rude things to me in this picture!
 And you took another bottle Sunday and you did great; you sucked it right down!!!
 Your daddy.........well he is madly in love with you! It's all I can do to not cry when I see these moments!  You can be a daddy's boy when you are older..............MUCH older........but right now you are all mine!
Yep, you still sleep 18-20 hours/day.  Most nights you sleep really well but recently you have started not wanting to go back to sleep around 4am once or twice a week. YIKES! I totally forgot what lack of sleep will do to ya!  
And you are rolling over like crazy these days!