Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6 Weeks

Oh sweet baby you are already six weeks old! YIKES my leave is half way over and I cry thinking about having to leave you and not spending every second of everyday with you! You are cooing and smiling like crazy and every time you do I light up like it's the first time!  You are starting to get really good head control. I left you for an hour this weekend to get groceries and I missed ya so much; but you didn't even notice I was gone; You have a blast hanging out at Nana's house! Your looks are starting to change and some days you look just like your daddy! You still sleep 18-20 hours a day. You are such a good baby; you really only cry when you are tired or hungry! 

 Big sisters where making all kinds of face trying to get you to smile for your picture........
 but you just looked at them like they were crazy!
 LOVE these big ole deep blue eyes!
 My handsome little man!
 Little sister getting a turn holding you!

  And then big sister gets a turn!
 Daddy and his crew! It's still so strange to have three kids in the picture!
 My little loves! I am blessed beyond measure to have each one of you!
YEP ya got bottle number three after church and you did great! After daddy burped ya I tried to feed you the last oz and you actually took it from me! Both girls would NEVER take a bottle from me so I was amazed! 
 You sisters are still just crazy over you and love to hold ya!  MC thinks she is a big girl because she can hold you like this and doesn't have to have a pillow to help!
 And oh my do you love your daddy and gracious sakes a live he is NUTS over you too!
 You love tummy time and are soooo strong!
You LOVE to sleep on your tummy! You have started taking your morning naps in your actual crib!