Sunday, December 21, 2014

7 weeks old

Creed you are SEVEN weeks old today! MC is so excited that you are 7 weeks and she is 7 years old! I feel like so much happened/changed over this last week. You have pretty much out grown all your 0-3 months clothes, so I washed them and packed them all up! And YES I cried like a freaking baby while I did it! You sleep so much better on your stomach, so we stopped swaddling you at night, took the bassinet part out of your pack-and-play out. So you now sleep on your stomach in the bottom of the pack-n-play like a big boy!  And YES I cried even more when I put the swaddler up! You are opening your hands more and more; and your favorite thing to do is grab my hair! You smile and coo all the time. Your sisters can make your crack up and it's the sweetest thing ever to watch! You look just like Micah-Claire did at this age; but some days you look like your daddy! It's crazy how much your looks change from day-to-day. You are still a fabulous sleeper; you take at least one 5 hour nap a day followed by several 3-4 hour naps. You are starting to stay awake longer some days. One day you stayed up for three whole hours and it shocked me!  
 I finally got you to look at the camera!!!
 This is the first button down shirt you have worn! You look like such a big boy in it!
 Your core has gotten so strong and you are sitting up so much better!

You are just tooooo cute!

Today was your first day to wear a pair of shoes and they were ADORABLE!!!!
 Yesterday day we had Christmas at my Grannys and lets just say you were NEVER put down!
 Granny rocked you and herself to sleep!