Wednesday, December 31, 2014

8 weeks old

WOW we are already to 8 weeks will turn TWO months old by the end of this week! It just doesn't seem possible that amount of time has already flown by! You have come alive this week. You slept SEVEN hours straight TWO night this week which was FANTASTIC for this mommy. But that left you up 3-4 hours straight several day during the day time. I was so strange to have a baby awake for so long. But you are such a joy, you smile and you light up the room! We all gush over you like we have no sense and have never seen a baby smile! You coo and squeal all the time! We are soooo ready to hear you laugh out laughed! This week we let you sit in the bumpo for a few minutes and you loved it! And you really like your new exersaucer! You are starting to stare intensely at things and then trying to grab them. You have even tried to sit up out of your bouncy seat; which SHOCKED us all! You are strong as an ox! 


And you LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror!

 I just love that you smile with your mouth WIDE open!

 First time in the bumpo chair!
 My camera was left in the car Saturday night so when I got it out and started taking pictures this is what I got.........and I didn't even realize it till it was too late!

At least the lens warmed up before the last picture!
And what better way to celebrate truing 8 week old than with a Christmas celebration with Aunt Paige and Uncle Jody!!!! Greer knew just what to to this year! She needed NO help opening her gift!

 And finally Kinley got to dig into her present!
 A HELMET!!!!!!
Now she is ready for tee-ball!!!! 
And in the midst of all the excitment...Creed feel dead asleep on his play mat. So he didn't get to see the cute stack-able toy or monkey hat that Aunt Paige got him! But I tried to get a picture of him with the hat on,lol!