Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day!!!!!

Christmas Day 2014! The day the kids...and I.....have waited for ALL year long was finally here! They crashed before 8:30 so I assumed they would be up at 4am running and squealing through the house.  But, I was wrong...they slept till 7am and came quietly into our room to tell us Santa came! They were so excited to see what Santa had brought them!!!

 MC got an ipod touch and the American Girl doll she wanted!
 Kinley got the doll house and American girl doll house she wanted!
 And baby brother got an exersaucer and a riding toy!
 Love that smile!!! And the WILD bed hair!
 KB trying so hard to hold back a smile.....she kills me!
 MC got an Itunes card in her stocking and she was pumped!
 Such anticipation...........
 She wanted to know Maddox's middle name and the Jolly Ole Soul came through!
 Santa had her name engraved on the ipod!

 They couldn't wait to see what Creed got them......
 LOVE Kinley's intense face here!!!
 Two excited girls........they have been asking for fake glasses for months now!
 They look so cute in them!!!

 And we got them an new easel since the wind demolished their old one!
 Baby brother slept till almost 9am! So we opened his stocking without him.
 And when he finally woke up the girls couldn't wait to help him open his gifts and show him what Santa brought him.

 He loved it all
 He got super excited
 He did a little dance
 He cooed a few times
 And then he pasted out again!
 Then it was off to Nana's for Christmas lunch! The girls just had to have their picture made iwth their glasses on so I said okay for a few but then off they come!

 My cutie pies!
 Nana and her favorite two girls!

 Nana, Poppa, and the crew..........minus Creed who was sleeping so soundly that we did not want to wake him!
 The WORLD'S Best Nana and Poppa!

 Aunt Ashley and crew!
 Love these cute boys!
 Kinley trying to play big sister to Parker!
 The girls showing off their monogrammed bags Ashley and Eric got them! SUPER CUTE!!!
 Cooper excited over his camo bag!
 He will be the most stylish guy at deer camp next year!
 The girls got this camo hat for Cooper and it was hilariously cute!
 Family picture........and yep we had to wake Creed up to get him in the picture!
 Our family! Crazy that we have added TWO sweet boys to this family in the last year!

 Since Creed was awake we finally got to get a few pictures of our little family!


Our Family of Five! LOVE IT!
And after another nap that afternoon, Creed got to try out his exersaucer! He looks so tiny in it!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!