Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

OMG I am telling you these girls were wound up all week long waiting for Christmas Eve to come! I told Shawn they were on Christmas crack or something. They just about drove me NUTS!!!! But that's what Christmas is and excitement so ya have to just smile and enjoy it!
 We started off Christmas eve with church....which means they got to wear their beautiful Christmas dresses!

 My little camera ham

 My girls looking so pretty and grown!

 It was FREEZING cold and SUPER windy so we got two outdoor pictures in before they begged to come in.

 My sweet threesome!
 OH KINLEY!!!! Your facial expressions are KILLING ME!!!
 Now that's better!

 I love how big Kinley smiles when she gets to hold Creed! She is so proud of herself and it tickles me!

 Creed looks like he is sooo over the pictures,lol!

 Me and three of my loves!
 Daddy and his trio!

 Oh MC that are so silly!
 My handsome boys! Makes my heart so happy!

 After church we had dinner and present time with my dad and Ms. Debbie!

 MC got a brand new toy box that they filled with TOO MANY toys!

Kinley got her very own batting bag!!
And her very own purple bat!!! 

She was super excited! I can't wait to see her play this year!

 Then it was time for bed!  Still can't believe I have three babies this year! What a blessing!
 We always read Twas the night before Christmas and this year MC wanted to read it. I didn't think would be able to  read most of it but she surprised us and read the whole thing. I was such a proud mommy!

Then we had to put out our reindeer cookies for the Jolly ole Soul!  I thought it would take them all night to fall asleep but they were both out within ten minutes!