Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Festivities!

Our little town really out did itself this year! Several local businesses sponsored a Winter Wonderland of awesome activities! The day before they set it all up it was sunny and 70 degrees.....but due to this being Arkansas the weather can change on a dime. So of course when it time to go it was 30 degrees with a strong cold wind!  But we didn't let that stop us from enjoying all the great activities! 
They are full of excitement when they saw everything! 

Kinley made it up about 4 steps and got scared and came down!

So big sister got the giant rocking horse all to herself!

It looked to fun for little sister to miss out so she got brave and climbed up for the ride!

The life size snow globe was neat!

Then the snow maze!

And finally they got to ice skate!!!!

Kinley being brave and letting go of the wall!

So sweet to see MC help Kin!

Such excitement!
She was a pro by the time we had to leave! And yes little brother enjoyed hte festivities too.....from inside our warm car.....lucky dude,lol!
And we can't have Christmas without making a gingerbread house!

MC's side of the roof
Kinley's side of the roof!  You ask with the rest of the house is not decorated......Well that's because Daddy was showering and mommy was nursing little brother so they were unsupervised and decided to eat all the icing!  So therefore that was no more icing left and two little girls went to bed with a tummy ache,lol!
Finally time to pull out the Christmas outfits!
Sweet sister hugs!

Kinley and those poses and those faces.....gracious!
AND SHE DID IT!!!!!!!! She sat in Santa's lap! It's been three years since she has done this!  She was extremely proud of herself and her mommy was very proud too!!!!
And of course big sister couldn't wait to get in his lap and ask for an ipod touch!
My sweet baby girls!

MC found the ornament she made for the school Christmas tree!
Making reindeer food!
Miss Arkansas was even there!
And we finally got around to putting up their tree!

I have to say they did it all by themselves and  did a fantastic job!
This mommy was very impressed with their work!  My babies are growing up!

LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN............. 14 days till CHRISTMAS!!!!!!