Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Fun in Little Rock

This time of year is filled with joy and excitement but it's also full ciaos of runny here and there and doing this and that! Yesterday MC had a choir performance at the capital so it was off to Little Rock we went! 
 Creed just loves Kinley and it's pretty safe to say she loves him too!
 LOVE this big ole precious smile!
 and this one too!!!!!
 ooop and this one also!!

MC and Kayln getting ready to perform!

 They did a great job and this momma couldn't fight back the tears!
Then it was off to the mall to see the jolly old soul!  They all did great!
 Then lunch followed by ice cream!
 We had build-a-bear gift cards we needed to spend so off we went! It took them FOREVER to decided which bear to stuff!

 Getting ready to fill their bears up!
 Kinley thought she was so special getting to step on the pedal to fill her bear!

 All filled up and she named her Izabelle!
 MC turn to fill up her bear!

 They had to warm up the bears hearts and seal it with a kiss.......
 then they put the heart into their bear!
 Then it was bath time

  And time to brush and fluff their bears!
 Kinley picked out a silver Santa hat for Izabelle
and MC picked up a sweater and skirt for her bear which she so sweetly named.... Snowflake!