Monday, December 8, 2014

MC: 7 years 3 months

Seven years and three month....or 7 1/4 years old,lol! You are super ready for Christmas MC! You have had your list ready for several months. You have asked Santa for an American girl doll and an Ipod touch.  You are super busy these days: between school, choir, gymnastics, student counsel, and church you are non-stop! You are progressing by leaps and bounds in school and gymnastics!  You are totally in LOVE with your baby brother. You want to hold him constantly.  You wake up every morning and want to see him and kiss him!  You have decided to grow your hair out for locks of love and that  makes my heart so proud of you! Yesterday I asked you what all your had packed in your church bag and you notebook, my pens and crayons, my snack and my offering.  I just looked and your daddy and we both just smiled. It was such a proud moment for us!  You are talking about being saved non-stop and I don't think it will be long until you are saved and baptized!  

Not sure how you got this big this fast MC!

LOVE you BIG MC!  You make me so very proud to be your mommy!

Monday night your school choir got to take part i n the HSU carol of lights. This was your first choir performance and you were sooo excited!

Such a fine looking group of kids!
You did a fantastic job MC!
And you even made the paper!!

You are your class student counsel rep so you got to ride int he Christmas parade! You were BEYOND thrilled to get to ride the school bus in the parade! 

And for the second day in a row you were in the paper!
 Oh and your dreams came true when I let you use the hot glue gun to do your Christmas tree for your school project!
And I must say you did great! You didn't burn yourself once!

 This is the Happy Thanksgiving card your made me! I LOVE that is says Happy Taking! PRECIOUS!
 My little butterfly!
We just got your 2nd nine weeks progress report and you have all A's! VERY high A's and we are SUPER proud of you MC!

You got your back hip circle on the bar last week! I was so glad I was there to see it!!!