Friday, December 5, 2014


 12-02-14: OMG Creed you are already ONE whole month old!  I am telling you this last month has just flown by. You are growing and changing everyday. You are coming alive; you stay awake for 1-2 hours at time now, you are making noises and smiling like crazy.  You rolled over the day after you turned one month old! It's so bitter sweet to see all these things happening! I wish I could keep you little forever but sadly I can't! You are a pretty laid back baby; you typically only cry when you are hungry, wet, or tired. Your eyes are still a very dark blue and your hair is starting to grow!

We finally got your blood work back. Normal range for not having Galactosemia is 14.5 and higher. Your number was 12.2. After talking with a genetics specialist from Children's Hospital what we found out don't have it but you are a carrier of the trait. You will never have any issues related to it; you don't have to have soy formula and you can continue to breastfeed with no issues. Either daddy or I are a carrier of the gene and we passed it to you. The only thing you ever have to worry about is who you marry and have kids with.  If your wife is a carrier of the trait too then your kids while have a very strong chance of having it. We were over joyed with this news!
 We actually got a few shots with you sitting up!

 Oh how I LOVE this pouty little lip! JUST PRECIOUS!!!

 YAY! I fianlly got you to look at the camera!!!

 My sweet boy, you are just a bundle of joy!

 He feel asleep in the bouncy so I moved him in front of the tree to get some precious pictures.......
 And oops he woke up and preciousness went out the door,lol!

 And  then you got so mad your hat feel over your eyes; cracks me up!
 So after a quick rocking in mommy's arms you went back to sleep!

 I could just sit and stare at you all day long Creed!
 Our Christmas is going to be even more blessed this year because of you!
And since you are one month old mommy pumped and daddy got to feed your a bottle!
 It took you several minutes to figure out the bottle thing but then you got it and sucked it down!
 Yours sisters have been waiting....not so patiently to help feed ya! Kinley's face just shows her utter excitement!
 After a good burping Kinley finally got to help!
 Such a marvelous big sister and helper!
 And Biggest sister got to help to. She lost interest pretty quick becuase Austin and Ally were on,lol!
You got your first Thanksgiving card too! 

12-3-14: One month and one day old and you rolled over! The first time I didn't have my phone near; the second time I went to video and I didn't have enough memory to record. UHHHHHH!!! But I got your doing it for the third time!!!