Monday, December 29, 2014

Preparing for Christmas

Last Thursday Kinley had her school Christmas Party! She was super excited for me to come and sing me all the songs they had learned!

 Such a cute bunch of kidos!
 Then her favorite part.....
 The sweet treats!
 And baby brother did what he does best.........snooze!
 Brooklyn and Kin!
 Getting a present from Ms. Brooke and a treat bag
 She loves her teacher Ms. Brooke!
 Friday Kinley did not want to go to school so she played hookie and stayed home with me and Creed. And we surprised MC and had lunch with her!
 After school I let them wrap out the presents the choose for Creed.

 Monday we loaded up and headed to Hot SPrings from lunch, last  minute shopping, and some bowling! This kid is obsessed with taking selfies and it cracks me up!
 Sweet smile and a big ole wad of gum hanging out of her mouth!

 And of course my big girl wanted in on the action!

 Tuesday it was time to start working on Santas treats. We decided to make rice krispie snowman but Wal Mart was sold out of white chocolate so we had to come up with a new plan. MC had the job of measuring out four cups of cereal
 Little bit got to stir up the melting butter and she was soooo proud of herself!
 So we dipped our treats in chocolate and made reindeer.
 and since we had extra rice krispie treats and icing they each made an extra one to eat right then.

 Kinley was very proud of her reindeer.
 The more sprinkles the better.....
 and her finished treat!
 MC's final reindeer
And Kinley's final reindeer...............strange but cute!

 And I had to beg and please and promise MC this would be the last year she would wear this dress to get her into!  She has decided she is too old to wear these "baby dresses!"

 Can't ya tell she loves this dress,lol!

 OMG this kid kills me!

MC has finally out grown these silly poses and faces..........and BAM little sister picks right up where BIG sister left off....Lord help me!