Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Well it's that time of year again.....Holiday Season! First comes Thanksgiving in and out quickly and next ya know it will be Christmas...and as you can see in the background...we already have our tree up!  And the best part of this time of year....well there's so many things....cute pictures, great food and desserts, and lots of road trips to see all our family!  I totally forgot how things are even crazier with a new baby.  The nursing, the pooping, the diaper changes, the nap's exhausting but worth every precious second!  
 Oh how daddy just LOVES taking picutres,lol!
 And why do we expect newborns to look at the camera.....IDK but I do it everytime.  Ya know you do jump up and down, make silly noises and face all so this 20 something day old will respond........Here's your sign mom!
 My three little turkeys!  I can't believe Creed is here! This time last year I was so upset that we had been trying for number 3 for so long and no results!  365 days later hes here, healthy, and adds so much to our family!  Such a blessing!

 Apparently daddy did a great job acting like a circus clown because he got Creed to look at the camera!
 And then he lost it......ENOUGH people,lol!
 I think my heart could explode!
 And it looks like Creed was working on an explosion in his diaper,lol!!!!
 I don't think Kinley could be any more in love with her little brother!

 She loves that she gets to hold him like big sister does!
 One of those pictures that makes ya stop and say.......What blessings; what did  I do to deserve all this?

 My littlest Turkey!
 110% of totally preciousness!!!

 And the world's cutest Turkey bum!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!