Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve.....the day of such excitement and wish the next 24 hours would fly bye because Santa is coming! Brother took a three hour nap so us girls had some fun taking pictures!
 My babies are growing up so fast! I remember when they where little I couldn't wait for them to get bigger and really be excited for Christmas. Now we are there and I wish they were little bitty again!

 such sweetness!

 MC you crack me up girl!
 Be still my heart!
 and this picture totally proves why I am NOT a photographer. I mean seriously how hard can it be to get the sun at just the right angle and make a wonderful picture..........well obviously too dang hard for this momma,lol!

 And then try the bush thing again from another angle and SHADOW city! Yep I will leave these cool shots to the professionals!

 you girls are cracking me up!

 I hope and pray you forever love, value, and respect each other. God gave you a precious gift when he gave you a sister. A life long friend you can always count on!
 Then it was time for Christmas with Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie!

 And FINALLY brother woke up! And of course he was tickled to see Papaw!
 Tickling Papaw
 And then sweet kisses for him too!
 What a crew!

 Brother wanted down and Kinley Bugs started in with her silly faces!

 KINLEY COWART!!!! One of these days I'm going to show all these pictures to your boyfriends so you just remember how much fun it was and how cute you thought it was to make these whack-o faces!

 PRESENT TIME!!! Brother had a blast getting into his bag!

 His own Razorback plate!
 Oh your first John Deer truck!

 The girls got matching luggage!

 And of course their traditional Christmas PJs!
 Then it was time for Christmas Eve Mass with Nana! CAN NOT believe they are all looking at the camera! OMG my lucky day!!!

 My sweet crew!

 Light, light, light was all brother kept saying
 and it tickled MC to no end!

 Another good one, how did I get so lucky?!?!
 and brother had enough of sitting and
 wanted to dance
 and the girls lost it..........
 I mean cracked up from head to toe! And mommy soon did too!

 say what.......
 oh sure I can smile mommy!
 I mean how precious is he..........oh so very precious!
 and back to dancing
 Oh my little love, you are just such a joy to this family!
 I mean how did this child get so grown up looking?WOW just seems unreal to me!

 such a sweet face!
 and my "soon to be teenager" as you call yourself!
 I remember your first Christmas and now you are over half as tall as our tree!

 My sweet girl, I couldn't do this life without you and all your help!

 Then it was finally time to get ready for the jolly ole soul to come!!

 and we had to put the magic key our for Santa!

 Oh Kinley........I give up!
 Setting the cookies and milk out!