Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creed: 12 weeks old

WOW 12 weeks old! Uhhh that means this is our last full week together and then I have to go back to work! I dread next Monday like it's the plague! I know you will be okay once you adjust; its me that will not do so well! I will miss every second with you, seeing you smile, watching you roll all around, rocking you to sleep several times a day, and soothing you when you are upset. You are growing like a weed these days! You are so close to rolling over from your back to your stomach and yesterday you sat by yourself for a few seconds before you started slowly falling forward! You try and sit up all the time out of the bouncy seat, in our lap, and in your car seat! I am so happy that you are growing and are so healthy but I sure wish I could freeze time and keep ya little a little while longer! You are so close to laughing and we can't wait to hear it!!! 

 You sat up so well for this weeks pictures! I didn't have to prop ya or stand close by to catch ya!
Oh my sweet love bug, you are just to precious!
Im over looking at the camera!

 Yep....really over it mom!

 Love your big ole blue eyes!
 Oh and you still love your hands; you suck on them all the time....even in your sleep!

 Looking so in control.....cracks me up!

 Awwwww just melts me sweet baby boy!
 Everytime I pull the camera out your smile goes away but I caught the tail end of this smile!
And you LOVE to look in the mirror at your pretty self!

 Me and my sweet boy!
 Here you are....almost rolling over!
 Oh How I love this big ole smile! Your smile makes me so happy!
 You love to play on my legs. We bouncy, we sway, we fly around and you just smile!
 It was warm again this last weekend so outside we stayed!! You had your first swing!
 LOVE that tuft of hair that sticks up in the back!
And your first jump on the trampoline! This just tickled your sisters! They wanted you to try and do a seat drop which cracked me up! You have brought so much joy and laughter to your silly little family Creed! WE  ALL LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

11 weeks

11 Weeks Old: This weekend was FABULOUS!!! It was sunny and in the upper 50's and lower 60's all weekend! We spent every second we could out enjoying it! This was your first real time to spend a substantial amount of time outside. You loved it but didn't know what to do when the wind blew. And sometimes the sun was so bright you would just close your eyes complete! You had a great time and were oblivious to everything your crazy sisters where doing and never even noticed Bruce sniffing you out! 

 11-81-15: 11 weeks old! That small strip of hair on your head is growing like crazy! We may have a full Mohawk soon!

 You are just toooo cute!

 MC loves that she can hold you up and insisted I take a picture of your full outfit!
 And last night...........
 this happy baby.........Slept NINE hours straight!!! This mommy was beyond tickled and was soooo in need of a full nights sleep!
And you still LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror! When you finally lock eyes with yourself you start cooing and jumping up and down! It's soooo fun to watch!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 weeks...double digits

OMG Creed, you are TEN have hit double digits in your age now! This last week was awful! I got the flu and had to stay away from you. All I could do was nurse you and then you had to leave the room. I could hear you and daddy laughing and playing in the living room and it crushed me to not be apart of it! You and daddy had a fabulous 3 days together and that tickles me! I was a nervous wreck worried you would get it and end up in the hospital! But by the grace of God you did not get it! My doctor said you would get the Tami-flu via my milk and that would protect you a great deal and it did!!!

It looks like you are scared to death here....cracks me up!

When I would nurse you I had to wear a mask and you would give me the strangest looks!
Daddy texted me pictures of yall playing and I loved it!!! Thank goodness for technology!

And finally Friday I was no longer contagious and could get my hands all over you!!!!!
My sweet baby boy!
Oh How I missed this big ole sweet smile!!!
You are IN LOVE with your fist these days!
And still suck that thumb from time to time!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kinley: 4 years 3 months

Kinley you are still a character! You have decided that you are FIVE years old.......and refuse to told that you are only FOUR! This last month your imagination has really taken off which has led to some not so truth statements by you! And sadly that has led to us having to discipline you more than we ever have! You have decided you do not like school and don't really need to go anymore.  And you have hit the stage where you dislike EVERY outfit you wear. Uhhh I don't care for this stage but hopefully it will pass soon! 

 Oh that crooked smile you love to make!

 Whelp.....there goes that leg again!

 Oh my your silly faces just crack me up!
 You got to experience Chuck E. Cheese for the first time and you LOVED IT!
 As soon as we walked out the door you told me you wanted to have your 5th birthday party here!
You are loving dance and gymnastics! You are getting more and more flexible and learning all kinds of new tricks! You are at a stage of no fear so there is nothing you will not try!