Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 weeks...double digits

OMG Creed, you are TEN have hit double digits in your age now! This last week was awful! I got the flu and had to stay away from you. All I could do was nurse you and then you had to leave the room. I could hear you and daddy laughing and playing in the living room and it crushed me to not be apart of it! You and daddy had a fabulous 3 days together and that tickles me! I was a nervous wreck worried you would get it and end up in the hospital! But by the grace of God you did not get it! My doctor said you would get the Tami-flu via my milk and that would protect you a great deal and it did!!!

It looks like you are scared to death here....cracks me up!

When I would nurse you I had to wear a mask and you would give me the strangest looks!
Daddy texted me pictures of yall playing and I loved it!!! Thank goodness for technology!

And finally Friday I was no longer contagious and could get my hands all over you!!!!!
My sweet baby boy!
Oh How I missed this big ole sweet smile!!!
You are IN LOVE with your fist these days!
And still suck that thumb from time to time!