Tuesday, January 20, 2015

11 weeks

11 Weeks Old: This weekend was FABULOUS!!! It was sunny and in the upper 50's and lower 60's all weekend! We spent every second we could out enjoying it! This was your first real time to spend a substantial amount of time outside. You loved it but didn't know what to do when the wind blew. And sometimes the sun was so bright you would just close your eyes complete! You had a great time and were oblivious to everything your crazy sisters where doing and never even noticed Bruce sniffing you out! 

 11-81-15: 11 weeks old! That small strip of hair on your head is growing like crazy! We may have a full Mohawk soon!

 You are just toooo cute!

 MC loves that she can hold you up and insisted I take a picture of your full outfit!
 And last night...........
 this happy baby.........Slept NINE hours straight!!! This mommy was beyond tickled and was soooo in need of a full nights sleep!
And you still LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror! When you finally lock eyes with yourself you start cooing and jumping up and down! It's soooo fun to watch!