Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Creed: 12 weeks old

WOW 12 weeks old! Uhhh that means this is our last full week together and then I have to go back to work! I dread next Monday like it's the plague! I know you will be okay once you adjust; its me that will not do so well! I will miss every second with you, seeing you smile, watching you roll all around, rocking you to sleep several times a day, and soothing you when you are upset. You are growing like a weed these days! You are so close to rolling over from your back to your stomach and yesterday you sat by yourself for a few seconds before you started slowly falling forward! You try and sit up all the time out of the bouncy seat, in our lap, and in your car seat! I am so happy that you are growing and are so healthy but I sure wish I could freeze time and keep ya little a little while longer! You are so close to laughing and we can't wait to hear it!!! 

 You sat up so well for this weeks pictures! I didn't have to prop ya or stand close by to catch ya!
Oh my sweet love bug, you are just to precious!
Im over looking at the camera!

 Yep....really over it mom!

 Love your big ole blue eyes!
 Oh and you still love your hands; you suck on them all the time....even in your sleep!

 Looking so in control.....cracks me up!

 Awwwww just melts me sweet baby boy!
 Everytime I pull the camera out your smile goes away but I caught the tail end of this smile!
And you LOVE to look in the mirror at your pretty self!

 Me and my sweet boy!
 Here you are....almost rolling over!
 Oh How I love this big ole smile! Your smile makes me so happy!
 You love to play on my legs. We bouncy, we sway, we fly around and you just smile!
 It was warm again this last weekend so outside we stayed!! You had your first swing!
 LOVE that tuft of hair that sticks up in the back!
And your first jump on the trampoline! This just tickled your sisters! They wanted you to try and do a seat drop which cracked me up! You have brought so much joy and laughter to your silly little family Creed! WE  ALL LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!


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