Monday, January 5, 2015

Creed: 2 months old!

Happy New and Happy 2 month birthday Creed! The last two months have just flown by! I love every second of being home with you. I am trying to pull every string possible with daddy to let me stay home full time with ya.....but I have not been that successful with that talk,lol! You are just a joy! You laugh and coo and squeal all the time. You wake up the happiest baby and it makes my heart so happy! You are finally taking a bottle without making a big ole mess! You get 1 maybe 2 bottles a week now. You are still sleeping like a rock star! At night you fight sleep for almost an hour but once you crash you sleep anywhere from 4-7 hours! You are still rolling over like crazy and now you are trying to sit up out of the bouncy seat! We had your 2 month check up today and you are 13#7oz and 23 1/4 inches long! You are growing like crazy....4# and 4 1/4 inches in 2 months! You got your shots this morning and you just cried. It broke our hearts but we know you need them! 

You smile all the time....but when I pull the camera out Mr. Serious face comes out!

I call this the............" what you talking about Willis" look! Cracks me up!
You are loving the bumpo for short periods of time. 

 My big blue eyed baby boy!
We have to make sure and strap you into the bouncy seat or you will sit up and fall out of it!

 You are really starting to look more and more like your daddy!
 I just love you to pieces silly boy!
 Oh this smile makes my day!

 And you LOVE bath tub! I think you could stay in there for hours if I let ya!
 And this is so what happens when you have to big sisters!