Monday, January 12, 2015

MC: 7 years 4 years

Time is just flying and you are getting closer and closer to 7 1/2 years old......YIKES!
You have been a HUGE help to me this last month MC! You are the World's BEST big sister! You love Creed so much, it's just precious to watch you with him.  You can NOT stand when he cries and you do everything you can to make him calm down. You down loaded an app on your IPod that has baby music and you play it for him to help settle him down! You love to hold him; you ask a million times day to hold him. You are doing outstanding in Gymnastics! You are getting better and better on vault and bars! 

 You just finished up your 2nd semester of 1st grade and you made All A's again!!! We are so proud of you!
 This is the picture you drew of me and I LOVE IT! You are such a good little artist; I have no idea where you get that gene from because daddy and I don't have it!
 You are all about some American Girl Doll stuff these days! It's funny to see you pick something out and then determine if you have enough money to buy it; or how much you have to save to get it!
 We went to Chuck E. Cheese over the Christmas break and you had a blast!

 You loved the basketball game and did really well! I am soooo hoping you decide to play next year!
You are a board game-aholic just like me and daddy! But we have to watch you reallllllyyy close or you will try your best to cheat win!