Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 SNOW!!!!!

When they call for snow in Arkansas it's usually a big miss but every now and then it comes true! We got up Wednesday to sleet.......uhhh NOT what they said we would get. It sleeted for almost 2 hours and then a little snow fell and then it STOPPED......not cool! Then the snow started again! We were predicted to get 6-10 inches which doesn't ever happen here. The snow was small and slow falling so I figured we would get a dusting but it picked up and up and up and we got almost 6 inches of snow by the afternoon!  

 Snow Sleet mix early in the morning
 Then a dusting of snow
 and little more......
 And then we had an inch out of now where! LOVE My house in snow!!!

 Baby Creed's first snow!
And he slept right through most of it...............he took a big ole 4 hour nap! Uhhh of all days,lol!
 One excited girl
 And another excited girl who REFUSED to put a hat on!
 Oh the snowball fight started almost immediately!

 Daddy and his girls!

 Me and my little snow bunnies!


 Didn't take Kinley long to decided to put a hat on!

 READY to sled!!!!

 even Bruce was super excited about the snow!!!
 I was inside watching brother when I heard a knock at the very own snow pizza delivered right to me by the cutest little delivery girl!!
 After a few inches was time to build a snowman!
 Our daddy is the best snowman builder ever!
 Cowart Snowman 2015!!!
 MC could NOT wait to make a snow angel!

 what a precious little angle!
 And little bit followed right behind big sister!

 My baby girl angel!
 And guess who FINALLY woke up... Mr. Creed!
And he just loved the snow..........NOT!
 After a warm shower and lunch The Robersons joined us for some real snow fun!! Gotta love Coop's cool shades!

 These three had a blast with their daddy's while us woman folk stayed inside and ate M&M's took care of the little ones!
They loaded up in the rhino and headed for the big hill behind our house to do some major sledding!
 MC was too scared to go sledding so she and nana made an M&M snowman on the front porch!
Creed wasn't to sure what to think about that snow man!

It has been so freaking cold, and we have had ice, sleet, and snow over and over again! I am so glad the kids and us big kids got to enjoy it but I am OVER IT all and ready for summer and 100 degree temperatures!!! Hit The Road Winter!!!!