Monday, February 9, 2015

Creed: 14 weeks

14 weeks old! You are just the happiest long as you are fed and rested! This week you went to bed at your normal 8:30 or 9pm time but you woke up 4 nights in a row at midnight to nurse! UHHHH that really really threw me for a loop; it was like having a newborn all over again!  You are so strong; it wont be long now before you can sit up by yourself! And you are SUPER close to rolling from your back to your stomach! 

my little cutie!
Ohhhh a sister walked in and stole his attention!

back to the freaked out look when the flash goes off,lol!

And then sister gets our her Ipod Touch and goes to town..........
and even gets a big ole smile from ya!
And she even got this precious picture of us! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Oh and she even caught us smooching!! You are the best kisser....just don't tell daddy I said that ;-)

You are just trying to eat everything these days! You have realized you can pull things straight to your mouth and then go to town on them! And the drool.........gracious..... just tons and tons of it!