Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creed: 15 weeks old

2/15/15: You are 15 weeks old Creed! You are growing, changing, and trying new things everyday it seems like! You are purposely grabbing for things now and EVERYTHING so straight to your mouth and you gnaw it to death. You drool and drool and drool all day long; I had no idea a human could have that much saliva in their mouth,lol! Your hair is growing like crazy too!
 See my new shoes
 Look at that fuzz all over your head! And that lovely Mohawk is still up there!
 You crack yourself which cracks me up!
 This way to the hot tub?!?! LOL
 You can't sit still, you always want up!
 My cutie pie!
 Well something else tickled ya........
 I mean really tickled almost flipped out of the bumpo!
 And we couldn't resist trying out the mustache passy Mrs. Sarah got ya! You loved the passy and we loved laughing at you with the passy!
 Uhh you will NOT lay down in your bouncy seat these days!

 Thank goodness you are strapped in!
 say what?!?!

 MC was watching you trying to sit up and get out of the bouncy......she said Mommy it makes me real nervous that he is trying all these big boy things! Awwww it just melted my heart when she said that. She loves you so much!!!
 And on Monday you got to be my First ever man crush Monday on facebook! Im sure by the time you get bigger #MCM and Facebook probably wont even exsist,lol!
LOVE this outfit Nana got you; it speaks the truth! 
 And the weather has been super! Highs in the upper 70's and you are loving being outside!
 Every morning you wake up and nurse and the you come into the closet and watch me put on my makeup and we listen to 80's music and you LOVE IT!!!!!
 You love our little dance party as much as I do!!
 You love going to gymnastics! You have a blast watching everyone and you are the center of attention since you are the only baby in the place!
 You don't know what to think when we take selfies! You look at the phone and then look at us and then back to the phone. It's in the world are we two places?!?
 Wednesday you wore your first Camo! And you rocked it I think!
 And you got your official name tag for Wednesday night church activities!
 You got to sport your Valentine shirt on Friday to school!
 And you were SUPER excited about it!!!

 My little love bug!
 OMG be still my heart! You are just tooooo precious!
 You look like your are dancing your bottom of here!!!
 Three pictures with daddy and your eyes were closed EVERY TIME! #FAILURE
 And I tired to get one with ya and I got BIG old SLOPPY kisses!!! #IWILLTAKETHEM
 Now that Im back at work the day seems so short with you! When we get home we are busy getting ready for the next day and there really isn't time to just chill. But after the girls so to bed we try and spend some quite alone time with ya! I am not sure who is more crazier about the other......daddy about you or you about daddy and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
 You are such a joy! You added more love, giggles, and smiles to our family Creed!
 And since I bragged that it has been 70 degrees....of course we get an ICE STORM! We had no power for 10 hours on Monday. Your school was still out of power yesterday but I had to work so Nana kept ya. We had to bundle ya up and it was the PERFECT time to try out the SUPER cute boggin Aunt Paige got ya!!!
 I stared so intently at yourself with it on!
 Showing off the full monkey face!
We love you bunches little monkey!