Monday, February 9, 2015

Creed: 3 months old

Oh my sweet boy you are THREE months old! And what better way to celebrate 3 months than by dropping you off at daycare and going back to work,lol! Monday totally sucked! It sucked as bad as I figured it would. I cried like a baby, left ya....went back for another kiss.....left again.....went back just to see ya and decided to get another kiss and finally left! My work day flew by and I raced to go get ya! It was not the best of days for ya but it wasn't' totally bad. You didn't like to sleep in their baby bed and ya didn't' want to take a bottle. I know it takes time for you to adjust to new faces, new places, and new equipment and I hate that! But you did better and better each day. Tuesday you sucked down your bottles. Guess ya realized if you were gonna eat it had to be from the silly bottle,lol!
You are 14# 8oz and 24 inches long! You are just growing like a weed!
 You are the happiest baby till I pull out my Nikon and then you just shut down on me!
 Deer in head light look..haha
 Seriously mom again?!?!
 Mr. Totally serious!
 And well it didn't get any better when we moved. You should see me and MC and Kin trying to get you to smile; we act like total idiots!
 Ms. Heather sent me this the first day of would ONLY sleep in the swing with your blanket!
 Oh and then sweet ole daddy showed up on his lunch break to see ya and you were so HAPPY!!!
 I just bawled like a baby when he sent them to me! I love my job but I love and miss you much, much more sweet baby!
 More pictures from Ms. Heather!
 Oh How I love those chubby cheeks!
And when we got home your high chair FINALLY got delivered!!!!
Tuesday went so much better for you! Mrs.Taylor said text at bedtime and said send me some pics of my boy so we took our first set of selfies!!!

 You didn't know what to think seeing yourself on my phone!
 Then ya played with Effie for a few minutes and out you went..........
 I had to pull your cute bottom out of bed at 7:15 Wednesday morning!
 Wednesday when I picked you up you were riding in the big kids stroller! And YES I cried seeing you in there! You look so grown!
 Well Wednesday night we had to help with our normal youth groups but I  was NOT about to spend another 1.5 hours that day away from you so I strapped ya on! We had a GREAT time; the girls loved having you in the class and I did too.............still I had to go pee! Now let me just tell ya that was a whole other task in itself! I sent daddy this picture of us in the stall. I said if we don't come out soon come help,lol!

Thursday was fantastic! They said you ate, your slept, and stayed right on your normal schedule!!! Yay Creed!!!!
And Finally FRIDAY came!!!! Last day of work and daycare so we can the WHOLE weekend to hangout!