Sunday, February 1, 2015

Creed:13 weeks

Well sweet boy, you are napping and I am preparing for tomorrow. I have to go back to work and I am just heart broken over that! You have been my best little buddy for the last 3 months. My days are going to be long and basically suck since I wont be able to kiss on you on all day long! I know daycare is going to be a big adjustment but I pray you are blessed with good teachers and you enjoy their company!  You laughed out loud last night and daddy heard ya but of course I missed it! You sat up twice this week all by yourself for a few seconds. It just amazes me how strong you are!  I love you to the moon and back my baby boy. 
 You wore your football onesie and vest today because the Super Bowl comes on tonight!!!

 Talking to MC and Kinley!
 Finally got a smile with the camera!
 Back to being serious again!
 Im gonna miss your face and sweet slobbery kisses!
 Your sisters cracked ya up!
I love that you love them; totally precious!

 Kinley was home sick three days this week and I had to tend to her quite a bit so you got your first experience seeing the tv and sadly..... ya liked!
 Papaw Barry has been gone for the last week! So of course he made a bee-line here to see ya Thursday!
 Just melts me to the core! My babies are so loved and spoiled by my parents, it's almost ridiculous!
The other night you decided to not sleep and you sat up for several minutes to watch your fishy music box! You look like such a big boy here!
You refuse to lay back these days. You want UP!