Sunday, February 1, 2015

MC: February 2015

7 years 5 months: YIKES 7 1/2 is almost here and then EIGHT will be here! I mean Im gonna blink one day and your gonna be gone off to college! And by "gone off to college" I mean you will live here and leave to attend your classes each day and then come straight home,lol! You are smart as a whip! You are so focused and driven to only be 7! We are so proud of you and love every single ounce of you MC!

You girls kill me with these crazy poses!

Last weekend you went to the Future Badger Cheerleader Clinic. Usually you LOVE this and think it's the coolest thing ever. But, this year little sister got to go and that really just cramped your style!

You were so shy at the performance Friday night, which is so not like you!
Friday I surprised you at school and had lunch with ya! I am going back to work this week so I may not get many more lunch dates this school year with ya ;-(
Monday we went to your school's annual chili supper at your school! Uncle Eric,  Aunt Ashley, Poppa, and stinky ole Cooper (who refused to smile for the picture) all came! 
This your selfie! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially that you drew your earrings in!!!!

And I was so impressed with your giraffe! You are turning into quite the little artist!
I walked into your room last week to find these "RULS" aka Rules posted on your door! It totally cracked me up! You are so ready for us to add on or get a new house so you can have your room all back to yourself!
And if Kinley doesn't follow your rules these are the letters she gets beside her name on a slip of paper that your give me at the end of the I am aware of how she is NOT following YOUR rules! LOL you kill me little miss teacher!

Monday Kinley was at dance, I had to go nurse Creed in the car and you decided to come with me. Your classes picture made the front page! You were super excited to see it. I guess you decided to read the entire front page of the paper..........

.You got really quite and said.....Momma somebody was shot and died right by our house! Uhhhh my stomach dropped! We had been super careful to no discuss this in front of your or let you hear it on the news but I totally forgot it was in the paper and that you can read!!!  I wish I could protect you from the world sweet girl!
You are just the best big sister!
You tell Creed all the time you are his mommy!