Monday, March 30, 2015

Creed: 20 weeks

3-22-15: My sweet boy you are 20 weeks old!
You are sitting up so good these days
Love you big ole blue eyes!
You got a little excited about pictures.............and...........
Over you went,lol!
Look at this mohawk you have going on! I just love it!

you are just too handsome I tell ya!

And you have this big sister WRAPPED around your finger. She tells me all the time that you are the best baby ever!

And the Given's girls are finally able to come to church and you are loving these pretty girls!
I think you are pretty sweet on Parker.......but I wont tell her daddy,lol!
And YAY for warmer weather! You had your first slide at the park!

And of course what MC does with you....Kinley has to do as well!
I gave you sippy cup this week and you immediately picked it up and put it in your mouth! I was SHOCKED you could work it so well!

Uhhhhh and there is nothing more a mommy hates than a sick baby! You got a pretty bad respiratory infection and had to have breathing treatments at the doctors office and got sent home on treatments too. You couched like a barking dog and your whole little chest just rattled all day long!
Lets just say you were NOT fond of the mask!
But.....we turned on your cuppie cake song and you settled right down! You even smiled when I started singing to you! You never got a fever and you tested negative for everything else they tested you was just a crazy little bug you caught.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Creed: 19 weeks

3-15-15: Today is our 12 year anniversary. If you would have asked me 12 years ago what our life would have been like today I would have been way off the mark! But I am so VERY thankful for God's plan and all the blessings he has given us. You are a true joy and are loved so very much Creed! You started reaching for people to hold you this week.  It's like a competition in our house to see who you will reach for! 
 Playing hard to get with your smiles.......
 ohhhh here it comes.......
 A little bit bigger.......
 And there's that big ole smile I LOVE!
 And then it was back to the favorite thing to suck on these days!
 Class of 2033......OMG I don't even want to think about you graduating high school and especially how old I will be when that day comes,lol!
 I just love that your mohawk is getting thicker, and thicker everyday!
 Today was BEAUTIFUL!!! It got up to 75 degrees so we spent a good part of the afternoon outside! We finally got to try out your new go-pod! It's fantastic!!! I cant' to get to use it this summer on the boat and when we are camping!!!!

 Looks like it got a little too sunny for ya,lol!

 And yes.......we should have moved the straps up on your car seat and taken the baby head rest out WEEKS ago but this mommy just could NOT bring herself to do it! But Sunday night daddy said it's time and he did it.  Looks like you like the changes and all the new head room,lol!
 You look like such a big boy, it just kills me!
 You are finally adjusting to day care and you LOVE all the neat toys they have for you to play in!
There's that big of silly smile that just makes this mommy melt!

You and I took the day off yesterday and went shopping! You insisted I let you I did ;-)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Creed: 18 weeks

3-8-15: 18 weeks old. Man we are just trucking right along Creed! You are growing like crazy and doing new stuff all the time! You sisters think you are the most fascinating thing on this planet! They get more excited about the things you can do than daddy and I do,lol! You are FINALLY back to sleeping good and only waking once or twice a night to eat! Growth spurts wear this old mommy out! I need sleep and lots of it I tell ya! You are trying to hold your own bottle at daycare now! You take a 5oz bottle in the morning and have moved up to a 6oz bottle in the have a HUGE appetite my sweet boy! I hope and pray mommy can keep up with ya! 
 You tried so hard to reach for my camera! You are into EVERYTHING these days!!!

 Wheres the camera.......
 Oh there it is!
 Oh my sweet boy...
 and your precious smile just make my heart ski a beat sometimes!

 My little love bug!

 You are finally big enough that poppa is not scared of you,lol!
 Since you try to destroy the bouncy seat and do everything you can to get out of it.......we set up your highchair this week!

 And you loved it!!!

And who needs toys when ya got a super fun hanger,lol!
Here you are holding your bottle at daycare! You are such a big boy; sure wish I could freeze time!

And oh how I LOVE your sweet giggle! Such the sweetest sound to this mommy ears!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MC:Seven and a Half

March 4th: Oh My Gracious..SEVEN and a HALF. I mean's already been six months since your birthday and its now only 6 months till you're EIGHT. That is a big ole hard pill for this mommy to swallow! You have just a few short weeks left in first grade and you will be on your way to second grade! You love school so much and take such pride in not missing a day. Your school closed for four straight days due to ice and snow and you were so worried your teacher was counting you absent for those days! When the ice and snow finally left and you could go back you got sick! I mean really sick and it scared me and daddy! You fever shot up to way....that can't be possible.....took it again and it was 105.6. We quickly gave you some medicine and stuck ya in the tub. I was a nervous wreck with your fever being that high.  Luckily the meds and bath got it down to 102. It did that for two days and we were always able to get it down. But on Monday you stayed with Nana and she called just minutes before 5pm and said it wouldn't come down. I called your doctor and she said we are about to close, get her to the ER or after hours care NOW! So  Daddy came and scooped ya up and took ya to our after hours clinic! Thankfully they ruled out Meningitis! Your flu test came back negative but they really felt it was a false negative since you had all the signs of type B flu. You were so sick and weak, you missed another three more days of school! On Thursday when you felt good enough to go was canceled due to more ice and snow and then was canceled for that Friday. You were so worried you had missed too much school and were going to be behind. I love that you are so studious!

 I think it was below freezing when we took these pictures and you were shaking! You who LOVE to take pictures said....I'm done mom; that's enough for now! Cracked me up!
 You have REFUSED to get your hair cut and I have gone along with it until now! I have no problem with you growing it out for locks of love but it's getting out of control; so you will be getting good trim in the next week or so!

 WOW 7 1/2..........just seems unreal to me!
By the time I got Kinley out of dance and Creed loaded up and we made it the after hours clinic this is what I found! Your sweet old daddy taking the best care of you!

 This past weekend I ran my first 5K since Creed was born.  I woke up to find made me breakfast and the sweetest sign! I love that it says Good Lucky and not Good Luck.....makes it even "specialer"to me!
And you even made daddy breakfast and a sweet note too!
This weekend you ran the our local 4H's kids mile run! This was your third year to do this; you always look forward to it! And this year you thought you were super cool because Aunt Ashley let you wear her hot pink head wrap!
I have NEVER seen so much ice and snow on the ground in March in my whole life! We litterally had to dodge ice patches during the race!
Love these crazy wild kidos!
And GK showed up in her NEON Green Wig to brighten our day up!

Start that you and MG and Kin are all holding hands!
I ran in the back with Kinley and you wanted to run all by yourself! About 1/2 a mile in I saw Mrs. Bethany taking care of you and waving at me.  I ran up to check on you.  Your hands were scrapped a little but nothing bad. I asked if you wanted to stop and walk to daddy or finish the race. You said you wanted to finish it. I so impressed that you wanted to keep on. You did so good; you caught right back up and even finished 2nd for your age!!!! After the race we discovered your legs were all cut up and bleeding.  I felt so bad that you had continued the race with them like that. I was EVEN more impressed with your dedication when I saw had bad they were! You're such a trooper MC!
MG got 1st, you got 2nd, Joja got 3rd and GK got forth! So proud of you girls!
You are soooooo over the vacuuming thing which really stinks for me..........but you LOVE to sweep and then use the dust mop.......which is FANTASTIC!!!!! You are such a big help to me MC. I probably don't tell ya enough how thankful I am that you have such a helpful and serving heart! It sure makes my day easier and me one proud mommy! Love you Claire Bear!