Thursday, March 12, 2015

Creed: 18 weeks

3-8-15: 18 weeks old. Man we are just trucking right along Creed! You are growing like crazy and doing new stuff all the time! You sisters think you are the most fascinating thing on this planet! They get more excited about the things you can do than daddy and I do,lol! You are FINALLY back to sleeping good and only waking once or twice a night to eat! Growth spurts wear this old mommy out! I need sleep and lots of it I tell ya! You are trying to hold your own bottle at daycare now! You take a 5oz bottle in the morning and have moved up to a 6oz bottle in the have a HUGE appetite my sweet boy! I hope and pray mommy can keep up with ya! 
 You tried so hard to reach for my camera! You are into EVERYTHING these days!!!

 Wheres the camera.......
 Oh there it is!
 Oh my sweet boy...
 and your precious smile just make my heart ski a beat sometimes!

 My little love bug!

 You are finally big enough that poppa is not scared of you,lol!
 Since you try to destroy the bouncy seat and do everything you can to get out of it.......we set up your highchair this week!

 And you loved it!!!

And who needs toys when ya got a super fun hanger,lol!
Here you are holding your bottle at daycare! You are such a big boy; sure wish I could freeze time!

And oh how I LOVE your sweet giggle! Such the sweetest sound to this mommy ears!