Monday, March 30, 2015

Creed: 20 weeks

3-22-15: My sweet boy you are 20 weeks old!
You are sitting up so good these days
Love you big ole blue eyes!
You got a little excited about pictures.............and...........
Over you went,lol!
Look at this mohawk you have going on! I just love it!

you are just too handsome I tell ya!

And you have this big sister WRAPPED around your finger. She tells me all the time that you are the best baby ever!

And the Given's girls are finally able to come to church and you are loving these pretty girls!
I think you are pretty sweet on Parker.......but I wont tell her daddy,lol!
And YAY for warmer weather! You had your first slide at the park!

And of course what MC does with you....Kinley has to do as well!
I gave you sippy cup this week and you immediately picked it up and put it in your mouth! I was SHOCKED you could work it so well!

Uhhhhh and there is nothing more a mommy hates than a sick baby! You got a pretty bad respiratory infection and had to have breathing treatments at the doctors office and got sent home on treatments too. You couched like a barking dog and your whole little chest just rattled all day long!
Lets just say you were NOT fond of the mask!
But.....we turned on your cuppie cake song and you settled right down! You even smiled when I started singing to you! You never got a fever and you tested negative for everything else they tested you was just a crazy little bug you caught.