Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Creed: 4 months old

3-2-15: WOW, we are already to FOUR months old Creed! These months are just flying by I tell ya! You are just the sweetest thing ever! Your smile is so infectious and you all of us wrapped around your finger! You are still in a size 2 diaper (but probably not for much longer) and you are in 6-9 month clothes. You typically sleep from 9:30pm to 2:30, nurse and then got back to sleep till 6 or 7am. You are finally getting the hang of the bottle, thanks to daycare. You take two 5oz bottles/day when you are there. They tell me you are a good boy and happy unless you are tired or hungry. Yesterday when I picked ya up they said you are trying to hold your own bottle now and that you are strong as an ox........which we already knew! Two days before you turned 4 months old you finally rolled from your back to your tummy! Once you did it it was game on! You now roll all over the place. The girls think its hilarious that you can roll all the way across a room now! You are sit up for 5-10 seconds by yourself on a good day. You are really starting to figure the crawling thing out.....I am betting you will have it mastered in the next month! You have turned into a hair grabber! I will hear the girls scream .....MOM help....and I know that you have gotten a hold of their hair!  You have the world's biggest appetite little man! I have always heard that boys are bigger eater than girls but I didn't really buy into that.....well buddy it's SUPER true when it comes to you! Your sisters didn't get cereal till 6 months old but I am not so sure you can make it that long! You watch us like a hawk when we eat in front of you. I held my spoon to your mouth last week and your opened your mouth and that freaked me out! 

 LOVE this picture! My little brother Brent passed away at age 6 and this was his tee-ball jersey! It hangs on the wall in your room but I decided to take it down and take a few pictures with it!
 You look like such a big boy.....where did my little baby boy go!?

 Yep....there is that big ole toothless smile!

 And fingers back in the mouth!
 I still think you might be a thumb sucker!
 Oh my sweet happy baby! We love ya so much!
 Here you are sitting up all by yourself!!
 And there ya go falling over a few seconds later....but ya did it with a smile on your sweet little face!
 You REFUSE to just sit in the bouncy seat anymore! You turn into the incredible hulk and start trying to sit up and take it apart!
 And then ya try and chew it to pieces!

 You LOVE to sit it the bumbo, listen to 80's music and chew on my makeup brush while I get ready every morning!
 You yanked so hard on your play mat that you got your musical lion down and gave him lots of slobbery kisses!
When I told ya to be sweet to the lion......this is the look I got! CRACKED ME UP!!!!

 And here you are rolling from your back to your belly for the first time!! I am not sure who was happier.....Me or Micah Claire.