Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kinley:Last month to just be FOUR

March: Well Kinley bugs....this is it.....your last month to be month you will be four and a half! Gracious, you are have way to FIVE! I am so glad your birthday falls late and you don't start Kindergarten this next year. I am not sure this mommy could handle another one of her babies starting big kids school! You want to do EVERYTHING that your big sister does and it makes you so mad when we tell you that you can't! We let you skip children's church last week and come to big church with us. You sang your sweet little heart out and it was just precious! You have become boy C-R-A-Z-Y! I've lost count of how many times you and Harrison have broken up! The other day you told me that if you could pick out the perfect baby brother it would be Creed! Uhhh that just made me smile bigger than Dallas! We are heading to Dallas later this month and you are SUPER excited about going to the American Girl Doll Store! You continue to be a handful and keep us on our toes!We NEVER know what is going to come out of your mouth these days! Your whit is so dry, off the cuff, and humerus it cracks us up! We love you crazy Kinley Bugs!

My cutie pie!
Last month to only be we come 4 1/2!!!
Such a pretty smile!

And since Micah Claire has learned to tie have you! You tie every tennis shoe you come across and beg to tie mine all the time! I am so proud of you; there are not many 4 year old that 
can do that Kinley Bugs!

And weekend before last, it was sunny and almost 70 degrees so OFF went the training wheels! You were really excited and a little nervous! You nailed it on the first try and just got better and better! It's been raining, sleeting, or snowing every since so you haven't gotten to practice much and that stinks! I am ready for warm spring days when you can ride all over this place!