Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Creed: 21 weeks

3-29-15: 21 weeks old.....I am sure I will blink and you will 21 years old one day really soon my sweet boy! It just amazes me how fast each week flys bye and how much you change and all the newt things you are into and are trying all within a matter of 7 days.  On Sunday we were leaving Dallas and heading home so I didn't get to take your most of these are a day late! Im sorry but you will soon learn that mommy is just a bit scattered these days with three kids, and a lack of 8 straight hours of sleep,lol! But you are worth EVERY single minute of sleep I loose my baby boy! I have no idea what we did before you; you have just taken over all our hearts! We are all just ate up with love for you! You can take your passy in and out of your mouth like a pro now! You can still sit up alone for a few seconds and you are trying REALLY hard to get to the sitting up position from laying down. We moved up to size 3 diapers this week and it's so warm now you are getting to wear some summer clothes!!! You babble "mama" all the time. I know you have no idea what your saying but it still makes me want to jump up and do back flips! You are almost completely over your bad respiratory issues. We haven't' done a breathing treatment in two days and you are not wheezing or rattling like you had been. You bottom gums are very swollen so expect to see two shiny white teeth really soon!  I can't believe in just a few short days you will be FIVE months old!

 Your actual 21 week pic,lol!

These girls are just as crazy about you as I am!

 Sunday night we had my birthday party at Nana's and you had your first swing!!!!
You look like such a big boy!!!!!

 You get so excited you bounce and shake and ......over you go. Cracks me up!

 You look like like MC did at this's crazy to compare yalls pictures and see the resemblance!
 Love this big old toothless  smile!

 Oh my happy boy you are such a joy!
 There you go getting excited and that leg pops up..........and then its TIMBER,lol!

And I love these little toes! Just the world's sweetest little feet!