Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Creed: 5 months old

April 2nd: FIVE months old......It's just so hard to believe next month you will be 1/2 a year old! You are growing like a weed these days! You are still nursing exclusively but we will probably be starting cereal in the next 2-3 weeks! You are in size 6-9 month clothes and you are now if size 3 diapers. You gained a whole pound over the last month, so you're now 17 1/2#s! You are sitting up for longer periods of time all by yourself. You can catch yourself if you fall to the right or left and sit back up; but if you start to fall back it's over and down you go! You poor, sweet bottom gums are so swollen; I am betting we have two shiny teeth by next month! You are trying so hard to crawl. You get up on your knees and push so hard to flip yourself right over! You now try and sit up out of your car seat and talk to your sisters while we are driving down the road; and of course they just LOVE that! Those girls think you have hung the moon Creed Brentley! And you daddy.....well he is even more silly over you. It makes my heart explode to see yall hang out! I love to hear him talk to your about things yall will do when you get bigger! We refer to your hair a rooster tail so I call you Wooster and the girls think it's hilarious! Every time I say it you just light up and laugh!!!

You look like such a big boy here! Oh how I wish I could slow time down!
Who me?!?? lol!

I mean this big ole smile just makes me break out into a full body smile!

I just LOVE when you start dancing around!!!!
And then down ya go!

but you get right back up and are happy as can be!

All my loves!

Kinley showing you how to smile,lol!

Big sister #2
And big sister #1

My two hunks!

We don't like to leave you in the church nursery on Wednesday nights because we already spend all day away from you so daddy and I tag team taking you! This last Wednesday night I couldn't find yall......yall had eased outside to enjoy the warm weather. And you were loving the fake grass.....
and sitting up like such a big boy!
Saturday we went to see the Easter Bunny! You did great....mostly because you had no idea that bunny was even behind you! I am sure the next few years to come will be full of fear and tears when you see this creature,lol!
After the bunny and shopping...we had to have dinner. Your sisters talked me into letting you try out the high chair! And to my did pretty well! You LOVED it; you thought you were such a big boy!!!
And you thought the table tasted wonderful....hahahhahahaha!
You had a blast playing with my bracelets and this spoon!
I think you will have no problem eating in a few week; you look very prepared! 

Happy 5 months Creed! You have added so much joy and laughter to our family! You have made our hearts grow by leaps and bounds in just a short matter of time!