Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Creed:24 weeks

Creed: 24 weeks! Son, I'm not gonna lie...this last week has been NUTS! Your sisters have dance, gymnastics, 2 different softball practices and 2 different games and mommy is stretched thin!
 But are the most calmest, go with the flow baby ever! You don't fuss when one bit (unless it's time to eat)! You are happy all the time and love people! I will holding you and talking to some total stranger and you will reach for them to hold you and of course they just LOVE it and snatch right up! The good Lord sure knew what he was doing when he gave us you! Sunday was so busy I never had time to really take your weekly pictures! But Ms.Kelly sent me this one from the church nursery to let mommy know it was time to eat! It just cracked me up to see your smiling face pop up on my phone in the middle of services! 

 Sunday after church was lunch time at Nana and Poppas!
 You are just a happy little dude!
 And boy oh boy are you trying your hardest to crawl! YIKES....I just don't know if mommy is ready for you to be so mobile yet!
 After lunch was MC's ball practice. During her practice we hit the trial with Kinley for a nice spring time walk! You loved it.......all the noises, the breeze, the soaked it all in!
 Lats Monday we started you on oatmeal at bed were not so sure about it at first!
The 2nd and 3rd bites didnt' go so well either,lol But after a few more bites you were hooked!
By Tuesday night you were a PRO! You even grabbed the spoon and tried to feed yourself.....
which led to this............
which led to an immediate bath!
My little messy monster you crack me up!
And now that you are sitting up so well you love to sit up in the tub!
You splash your hands like crazy and just about drown mommy,lol!

Well like I's softball season so in between the sisters games we hit up Subway with Papa!
Love these silly smiling girls..........and Creed.....he was over it and was working on getting that.....
passy in his mouth!
And then you got to try green beans!
OH LOVED them! You kept saying.....ummmm ummmmm ummmm!

And of course MC wanted to help feed ya!

She is the best big sister!
And she is head over heals in love you little fella!